Allied Business Academies We are an association of scholars, whose purpose is to support and encourage research and the sharing and exchange of ideas, knowledge and insights throughout the world. Volume 3, Issue 4 SEASONAL DIVERSITY OF ROTIFERS FROM AGNIYAR ESTUARY THANJAVUR DISTRICT TAMIL NADU INDIA J. Sugumaran* and A. Amsath LIVELIHOOD STATUS AND ASSESSMENT OF FISHING COMMUNITY IN ADJACENT AREA OF TURAGBURIGANGA RIVER DHAKA BANGLADESH Mohammad Abdul Baki, Md. Rabiul Islam, Md. Muzammel Hossain* and Naser Ahmed Bhouiyan RESTRICTION OF TGF2 IN DEVELOPING ORGANS IN EMBRYOS OF MICE UNDER MATERNAL EXPOSURE OF RETINOIC ACID Fakhr El Din M. Lashein STUDY ON VOLATILE COMPOUNDS OF FLANK SCENT GLAND AND BEHAVIOURAL ANALYSIS OF SOFTFURRED FIELD RAT MILLARDIA MELTADA GRAY 1837 S. Kalaiyarasan*, and A. Amsath MOLECULAR IDENTIFICATION AND PHYLOGENETIC ASSESSMENT OF SOME MARINE CATFISHES OF THE BAY OF BENGAL Puja Boidya, Wahida Haque* and Md. Mizanur Rahman IDENTITY OF GUDUSIA CHAPRA AND REESTABLISHMENT OF GUDUSIA SUHIA FAMILY CLUPEIDAE CLUPEIFORMES M. Arunachalam*, Agnes Flora, S. Chinnaraja and Asha Rayamajhi OBSERVATION OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF ANIMAL ASSOCIATION AND ADAPTATION IN CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK OF NEPAL Janaki Pokhrel MOSQUITO REPELLENT ACTIVITY OF DELONIX ELATA FABACEAE LEAF AND SEED EXTRACTS AGAINST THE PRIMARY DENGUE VECTOR AEDES AEGYPTI DIPTERA CULICIDAE Marimuthu Govindarajan*, Mohan Rajeswary, S.L. Hoti, Atanu Bhattacharyya, Giovanni Benelli and A. Amsath ENZYMES CONCENTRATIONS OF SELECTED SEAWEEDS FROM MANDABAM COAST RAMESWARAM TAMIL NADU INDIA S. MUMTAJ HAEMATOLOGICAL CHANGES IN WISTAR FEMALE ALBINO RATS FED WITH STEROIDAL AND NONSTEROIDAL CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS M.P. Chikhale EVALUATION OF BIFENTHRIN GENOTOXICITY ON CHANNA PUNCTATUS Renu Chaudhari and Kamal Kumar Saxena* STUDIES ON THE HEAVY METALS CONCENTRATION IN THE PYKARA LAKE UDHAGAMANDALAM NILGIRIS TAMILNADU K. Anusiya Devi, M. Lekeshmanaswamy*, J. Ramesh and C.A. Vasuki OBSERVATION OF BODY SIZE IN DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL POPULATION OF GRASSHOPPER NEORTHACRIS ACUTICEPS ACUTICEPS BOLIVAR Megha S. Dharbal, Dinesh Udapi?, Jayashree H., K.L. Sachidananda Murthy and Channaveerappa, H.* STUDY ON DIVERSITY OF ORTHOPTERA FAUNA IN SOUTH GUJARAT INDIA Bhumi Thakkar, Suzen Parmar and Pragna Parikh* GROWTH AND SURVIVAL OF FINGERLINGS OF BLACK MOLLY POECILIA SPHENOPS WITH DIFFERENT ANIMAL PROTEIN BASED FORMULATED DIETS K. Altaff* V. Sumithra, A.Janakiraman and A. Hyder Ali Volume 12, Issue 1 Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus ToLCNDV encoded AC2 associates with host mirnas by directly interacting with AGO1 Vikash Kumar and Afsar R Naqvi The inhibition of Cg2076 the GHITM homologue in neurons of Drosophila Melanogaster can be rescued by Buffy P Githure M?Angale and Brian E Staveley Exploring Riboswitches in Archaeal Metagenomes Angela Gupta and D Swati Comparative susceptibility of southern and western corn rootworm adults and larvae to vATPaseA and Snf7 dsRNAs Adriano E Pereira, Newton P Carneiro and Blair D Siegfried Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies Volume 26, Issue 5 Health Crisis Covid19 and the French Economy Salha Ben Salem, Nadia Mansour, Mariem Haddad A Successful Indian Telco Just Vanishing Away Along the Expansion Path L.R.K. Krishnan The Impact of Renewable Nonrenewable Energy and Energy Efficiency In Environmental Quality of Tunisia Saoussen Aguir Bargaoui, Souhir Amri Amamou How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Businesses in the Period of Pandemics Subrato Bharati Ecommerce An Efficient Digital Marketing Data Mining Framework to Predict Customer Performance Mansoureh Zare, Hassan Shakeri, Roya Mahmoudi Pandemic A Case Study of Online Teaching across Various Participant Groups In The Indian Context L.R.K. Krishnan Volume 20, Issue 2 Misuse of Antibiotic A Systemic Review of Saudi Published Studies Abdul Rahman Alnemri, Rana H Almaghrabi, Noufa Alonazi, Abdul Rahman Alfrayh Survey of the Use of Laryngeal Mask Airway vs Endotracheal Tube for Pediatric Tonsillectomy in Essex Hospitals Manuela Cresswell, Harriet Walker, Laura Harding Atrial Septal Defect Effects Electrocardiographic Signs and Shunt Volume Junpei Somura Commentary on Saying Goodbye to the Silence Maria Grazia Spurio Acute Suppurative Thyroiditis A Case Report Oluwayemi IO, Abduraheem FO, Agaja OT, Oke OJ, Ogundare EO, Ajite AB, Olatunya OS Pediatric Psychosis in the Emergency Room Could it be Plasmodium Vivax Malaria Ekram T, Afzal K, Saxena R Pericallosal Lipoma A Rare Cause of Persistent Headache Betul Kilic, Serdal Gungor A CrossSectional Survey of Seroprevalence to P Falciparum Antigens in Children Living Along the Border of Thailand and Myanmar and its Lack of Correlation with Nutritional Status and Anaemia Linda Aurpibul, Kriangkrai Chawansuntati, Prapai Dejkhamron, Narumanus Korwanich, Jiraprapa Wipasa A Motor Behavioral Evaluation Method for Children with Developmental Disorders during Music Therapy Sessions A Pilot Study Zu Soh, Ryo Migita, Kayoko Takahashi, Koji Shimatani, Hideaki Hayashi, Yuichi Kurita, Toshio Tsuji Eosinophilic Enteritis Due to Cows Milk Allergy Possible Cause of Anastomosis Failure Satoshi Yokoyama, Akinori Sekioka, Hirofumi Utsunomiya Primary Care Evaluation in the Brazilian Context Effects of the Health Care Model Transition Ana Paula Scoleze Ferrer, Alexandra Brentani, Sandra Josefina Ferraz Ellero Grisi HenochSchonlein Purpura in Saudi Arabia A Retrospective Study of 27 Children in Taif Region Abdulla A Alharthi Methods for Esophageal Foreign Body Removal Among Pediatric Patients 10 Years Experience at a Referral Hospital Jana?na Oliveira Bentivi Pulcherio, ?dio J?nior Cavallaro Magalh?es, Cl?udia M?rcia Malafaia de Oliveira Velasco, Licia Oliveira Resende, Arm?nio Cunha Ferreira, Bruno Bavaresco Gambassi, Walter Sedlacek Machado Importance of MultiDisciplinary Team Approach in Feingold Syndrome Tomoko Tanaka, Thomas W McEwan, Catharine J Harris, Sarah S Barnett, Arshad R Muzaffar, Dawn H Huber, N Scott Litofsky BoneCement Usage for Ossicular Reconstruction M. Tayyar Kalcioglu, Tolga Cicek, Lokman Uzun NOD2CARD15 rs2066845 Polymorphism in Children with Acute Appendicitis Sevgi Buyukbese Sarsu, Senay Gorucu Yilmaz, Ali Bayram, Semih Dalkilic Does Left Varicocele Impair Right Testicular Function Salvatore Arena, Carmine Fazzari, Antonio Campione, Pietro Antonuccio, Tiziana Russo, Patrizia Perrone, Lucia Marseglia, Eloisa Gitto, Carmelo Romeo Picky Eating in PreschoolAged Children Prevalence and Mothers Perceptions in SouthEast Nigeria Samuel N Uwaezuoke, Kenechukwu K Iloh, Charles E Nwolisa, Ikenna K Ndu, Chizoma I Eneh Asthma Control not Associated with Vitamin D Deficiency A SingleCenter Retrospective Study in Saudi Arabia Rawia Albar, Moayyad Malas, Mohammed Bafail, Yahya Almatihmay, Lojyn Alamoudi, Elaf Saleh The understanding of Others Intentions Can Predict the Improvement of Symptomatology in Children with Autism An Exploratory study Magda Di Renzo, Federico Bianchi di Castelbianco, Fabrizio Plescia, Lidia Racinaro, Massimiliano Petrillo, Monica Rea A Rare Case of a Giant Cervical Osteochondroma Alessandro Villa, Domenico Gerardo Iacopino, Francesca Graziano, Carlo Gul?, Antonella Giugno, Luigi Basile, Rosario Maugeri Religion and Life Support Withdrawal in Children What do Healthcare Providers Wish Karen Torres, Joseph Varon, Sharon Einav, Ruben Bromiker, Shirley Friedman Prognosis of Acute Renal Failure in Children in Intensive Care Unit A Pilot Study Batouche DD, Kerboua K Effects of Codon 39 ct Mutation on The Changes of Hematological Parameters in Children with BetaThalassemia Major in the Region of Batna Algeria Belhadi Kamilia, Yahia Mouloud, Gribaa Moez, Bendaoud Fadhila, Ben Charfeddine Ilhem, Manoubi Wiem, Zidani Abla Eosinophilic Granuloma of the Skull Vault A Case Report Alessia Imperato, Domenico Gerardo Iacopino, Francesca Graziano, Carlo Gul?, Antonella Giugno, Luigi Basile, Rosario Maugeri Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues Volume 23 Special Issue 1 Questioning the Constitutional Obligation of the State in Protecting Citizens Fundamental Rights in Religion TM Luthfi Yazid, Galang Asmara, Gatot Dwi Hendro Wibowo, Hayyan ul Haq The Use of Sustainable Development Principles as a Verdict Consideration by Administrative Court Judges A Case Study in Denpasar Administrative Court Francisca Romana Harjiyatni, Sunarya Raharja, Wisnu Sapto Nugroho Electronic Monitoring for Employees Employer Rights in the XXI Century Elena Ofman, Mikhail Sagandykov An Exploratory Analysis of SocioLegal Factors Related to the Distance Education Learning Environment The Case of Disabled Learners in Kazakhstan Zulfiya Movkebayeva, Dana Khamitova, Ainura Kabdyrova, Assem Akhmetova, Gulnar Zholtayeva, Aitolkyn Duzelbayeva The Essence and Types of Administrative Procedures in the Activities of Higher Education Institutions as Subjects of the Implementation of the Educational Function of the State Olha Bezpalova, Viacheslav Abroskin, Olha Andriiko, Olena Syniavska, Sergiy Yevdokimenko Right of Buyers of Land and Buildings that have Not Been Certificate if the Seller is Declared Bankrupt Yulianto, Adriano, Mokhamad Khoirul Huda Staffing of Courts European Experience and the Current Situation in Ukraine Tetiana Kolomiets, Serhii Denysenko, Ihor Korzh, Nataliia Basai, Andrii Fomenko Resolving Marine Disputes by Arbitration Analytical Study in Jordan Marine Law and Hamburg Convention Mohammed Ibrahim, Abu El-Haija Protection against Exploitation of Migrant Workers Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Muhamad Hassan Ahmad, Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan, Chithra Latha Ramalingam The Existence of a Quick Count in the Simultaneous Election Vortex as Part of the Development of Indonesian Democracy in the 40 Era Dedi Mulyadi, M. Rendi Aridhayandi Legal Protection of Intellectual Property of Bali Silver Craft in Supporting Tourism Climate I Wayan Wesna Astara, I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna Ensuring Protection of the Rights of the Aggrieved Person in Criminal Proceedings through the Prism of Requirements of International Law Acts Serhii Ablamskyi, Hennadii Hlobenko, Ruslan Chycha, Olena Martovytska, Iryna Burlaka Legal Regime of the Land Resources Usage in Conditions of Modern Economic Development Mykola Chabanenko, Tatiana Korniakova, Yuli??a Lushpiienko, Alina Pomaza-Ponomarenko, Mariia Muzyka State Regulation over Operations with Military Goods as an Protection Element of a State National Security Valentyn Halunko, Nataliia Varenia, Sergiy Gusarov, Iryna Berezovska, Oleksander Griza International Experience of Legislation Ensuring of Public Information Security Yurii Khatniuk, Taras Tymchyshyn, Oleg Batiuk, Oleksandra Hrynkiv, Nelia Otchak Organizational and Legal Aspects of Establishment and Functioning of Judicial Protection Service in Ukraine Mykhailo Loshytskyi, Vitalii Prymachenko, Serhii Shkola, Ivan Lytvyn, Olena Kalaianova Professionalism of Judges as the Basis of the Staffing in the Courts Oleg Reznik, Andrii Borko, Mykola Inshyn, Tetiana Kobzieva, Irina Kislitsyna Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 26 Special Issue 3 Strategy and Entrepreneurship The Accessibility of Institutional Support Services to Immigrant Owned Survivalist Craft Businesses in Cape Town Samson Nambei Asoba and Nteboheng Patricia Mefi A Comparative Advantage Approach to Entrepreneurship in the South African Context The Case for Developmental Local Government Raymond Mgcineni Mcunukelwa, Samson N Asoba and Nteboheng Mefi Elements for A Competitive Business Environment in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution An Overview of the South African Environment Samson Nambei Asoba, Raymond Mgcineni Mcunukelwa and Nteboheng Mefi African ImmigrantOwned Businesses A Swot Analysis Perspective Samson Nambei Asoba, Nteboheng Mefi and Lucky Sibanda A Social Approach to Addressing Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Backlog A Case of A Rural Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa Masibulele Fiko, Sanjay Balkara, Beauty Makiwane, Samson Asoba Theories of Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the South African Context Samson Nambei Asoba and Nteboheng Patricia Mefi Water And Sanitation Challenges The Case of A Rural South African Municipality Samson Nambei Asoba, Masibulele Fiko, Beauty Makiwane and Nteboheng Patricia Mefi Analysis of the Investment Program of the Analytical Cycle at the Enterprise for the Development of the Companys Entrepreneurial Activity Olim T. Astanakulov, Matnazar Yu. Raximov and Nargiza N. Kalandarova On the Relationship between Part and Whole in Psychological Research as Part of Entrepreneurship Activity Igor V, Lebedev and Alexander Yu. Kuznetsov Managing the Business Activity of the Medical Center for Cancer Treatment Natalia N. Lepkova, Angelina V. Egorova, German D. Anglichaninov and Alexander S. Lepkov On the Transformation of the Media System in the Business Environment on the Example of TV Journalism in Uzbekistan Valentin V. Matvienko, Parizod A. Gafurova and Elena S. Mirzaeva Engaging Loyal Customer in Art Gallery an Entrepreneurial Strategy in Malaysia Nordiana binti Ahmad Nordin and Mohd Fahmi bin Yahaya The Entrevolutionizing Township Economy Growth Strategies in KwazuluNatal South Africa Lawrence Mpele Lekhanya and Nirmala Dorasamy Business Studies Journal Volume 12, Issue 3 Cargill Case Study Subhalaxmi P Universal Banks in Davao Region Shela Marie Yap-Virtudazo Anybody Out There How Sales Organizations Responded to the Covid19 Economic Shutdown Tará Burnthorne Lopez, Michael C. Budden and Russell McKenzie Shohoz A Vibrant Model of Contemporary Service Innovation in Bangladesh Md. Nazmus Sakib Coronavirus Affect Business Sudhansu Sekhar Patra Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues Volume 23, Issue 5 Analysis of Sharia Economic Law and Government Policies in Enhancing Sharia Investment in Indonesia Evita Isretno Israhadi The Regulation of Zakat Digital Technology in Creating Community Welfare Impact on Economic Development Abidin Abidin, Pertiwi Utami Impact of the Application of National Integrity Standards on the Disclosure in the Countrys General Budget The Jordanian Public Sector Rania Al Omari, Ola Muhammad Khersiat Political Economic Policy and Islamic Intellectual Capital Impact on the Growth of Islamic Financial Industry in Indonesia Jubair Situmorang, Anton Hindardjo Ontology of Good and Evil in the Understanding of Great Christian Teachers and Saints Mykhailo Kelman, Mykola Nesprava, Antonina Tokarska, Viktoriia Vovk, Yevhen Skrypa Regulating the UK Financial System Post Crisis under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 as Amended Ahmad Alsharqawi, Anan Shawqi Younes Patent Policy on the Pharmaceutical Sector in Indonesia Lego Karjoko, Said Gunawan, AL Sentot Sudarwanto, Hariyanti, Zaidah Nur Rosidah, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani, Abdul Kadir Jaelani, Willy Naresta Hanum Signs and Criteria for Determining the Principles of Criminal Law Olena Oliinyk, Davydenko Valerii, Yusupov Volodymyr, Dordiai Volodymyr, Krotiuk Andrii Crime of Money Laundering in Qatari Law Definition and Elements A Comparative Study Sami Hamdan AL-Rawashdeh Modern Blockchain Technologies and the Law of State Registers Ukrainian Experience Anatolii Poliakh, Ivan Doronin, Andrii Zapototskyi, Svitlana Pylypenko, Oleh Yemets Administrative and Legal Mechanism of Information Security in Ukraine Viktor Hryshchuk, Oksana Hryshchuk, Nataliya Fedina, Vasyl Parasiuk, Oleg Batiuk Judicial Practice as a PreCondition for Preventing Contradictory Judicial Decisions Mariia Kolesnikova, Elena Kiselyova, Oksana Vasylchenko, Liudmyla Svyrydova, Daria Kibets Impediments to Healthcare Governance in Fragile States Arthur Mapanga Institute for Evaluating Judges as an Element of the State Judicial System Igor Artemenko, Nana Bakaianova, Serhii Pushkar, Serhiy Naumenko, Andrii Kubaienko Impact of Unethical Management Practices by Employers on Employee Commitment during Covid 19 Crises in Saudi Arabia Sanjeevni Gangwani, Mona Mostafa Labib, Anjali Chaudhary Volume 1, Issue 2 Markers of Frailty in Cancer Treatment Election A Case Report Miguel ?ngel Acosta-Benito Histone Demethylases and Their Roles in Cancer Epigenetics Alexandra D'Oto, Qing-wu Tian, Andrew M Davidoff, Jun Yang Exfoliative Cytopathology of Human Lip Neoplasm Abhimanyu Mohanta, Prafulla K Mohanty MELD Scoring System How Golden Is The Gold Jayant Kumar, Isabella Reccia Shared DecisionMaking in Prostate Cancer Screening A Review Miguel ?ngel Acosta-Benito YM155 Suppresses Proliferation and Survival of Multiple Myeloma Cells via Proteasomal Degradation of cMyc Maki Asahi, Shigeki Ito, Motoki Takano, Yoji Ishida The Paraneoplastic Meaning of R3SPE Remitting Seronegative Simmetrical Synovitis with Pitting Edema Syndrome Ciro Manzo Next Generation Sequencing In Clinical Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer A Journey towards Personalized Diagnosis and Therapeutics Tridip Chatterjee Aggressive Angiomyxoma A Rare Cause of a Vulvar Mass Joseph S, Helm JM, Villegas E, Figueroa-Bodine J, Anderson J Contribution of Circular Dance on Quality of Life on Oncology Patients Bearing Intestinal Ostomy Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Dirce Bellezi Guilhem, Ivone Kamada, Renata Costa Fortes, Breno Silva de Abreu UltrasoundGuided FineNeedle Aspiration Cytology Diagnostic Value in Breast Solid Masses Gustavo Febles, Andr?s Dell?Acqua, Andrea Cristiani, Enrique Folle, ?lvaro V?zquez Size Does Matter Nanobodies as a New Format for Tumor Imaging Probes Marta M Kijanka Volume 28, Issue 2 The predictive value of signal peptideCUBEGF domaincontaining protein1 SCUBE1 in terms of the duration of peripheral ischemia and exposure to reperfusion Ozgur Sogut, Ertan S?nmez, Mehmet Yigit, Kenan Ahmet Turkdogan, Okkes Taha Kucukdagli, Eda Yigit, Omer Faruk Ozer, Cemil Civelek The relationship between serum fetuin a levels and fetuin gene polymorphism in hemodialysis patients Atila Altuntas, Ayse Yigit, Efkan Uz, Salih Inal, Veysel Kidir, B?nyaminAydin, Hasan Basri Savas, Mehmet Sert, Mehmet Tugrul Sezer The effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication on arterial stiffness and qt dispersion Omer Kaya, Fatih Tufan, Rafet Basar, Timur Selcuk Akpinar, Kadri Atay, Nadir Alpay, Kamil Nas, Miklos Illyes, Suleyman Tevfik Ecder IGF2BP2 gene polymorphism in patients with morbid obesity Kursat Kargun, Sefa Senol, Cuneyt Kirkil, Zafer Cambay, Murat Kara, Erhan Aygen, Mustafa Yilmaz An enhanced algorithm for removal of noise in CT scan image and 3D abdomen color video sequence through trimmed based filter G Elaiyaraja, N Kumaratharan Stress analysis of lower back using EMG signal Pratibha Tyagi, Ajat Shatru Arora, Vikas Rastogi Green synthesis characterization and anxiolytic sedative and hypnotic activity of pyrimidine based diazepine derivatives Govindaraj Chinnasamy, Kullagounder Subramani, Venkatesan Srinivasan Serum total superoxide dismutase enzyme activity in type 2 diabetic patients with retinopathy in Mthatha region of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa Ganjifrockwala FA, Joseph JT, George G Localization of neurodegenerative brain MRI image for gene expression evaluation Babu Gopal, Sivakumar Rajagopal Fatal tractor injuries between 2005 and 2015 in Bilecik Turkey E. Selcen Dar?in, Murat Dar?in Deaths as a result of hanging Erdal Ozer, Ali Yildirim, G?ven Se?kin Kirci,Ramazan Ilhan, Murat Dogan Iscanli, Ramazan Tetik?ok Diffusion oxygen mask is better in asthma attacks but not in COPD attacks Murat Dogan Iscanli, ?zg?r Enginyurt, Tarik Acar, Selen Uslu, L?tfullah ?akir, Fatih B?y?kcam Evaluation of noninvasive diagnostic methods as indicators of fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Kadri Atay, Billur Canbakan, Ozkan Alan, Emine Koroglu, Ibrahim Hatemi, Nuray Kepil, Ahmet Dobrucali, Mustafa Canbakan, Murat Tuncer, Abdullah Sonsuz, Hakan Senturk Qualitative features selection techniques by profiling statistical features of ECG for classification of heart beats Chinmay Chandrakar, Monisha Sharma Lowcost and easytouse grasp classification using a simple 2channel surface electromyography sEMG Selahaddin Batuhan Akben Retrospective investigation and analysis of sleep disorders on occurrence of polycystic ovary syndrome Nianjun Su, Chongyang Du, Yuemei Zhang, Lian Deng, Ting Tang, Baoding Zhuang, Zekun Jiang, Jiaqing Zhou, Bowei Ni, Fenghua Liu Hybrid neurofuzzy system for prediction of stages of lung cancer based on the observed symptom values Thiyagarajan Manikandan, Nallaiyan Bharathi In vitro and in vivo biological screening of kefiran polysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens Elsayed EA, Farooq M, Dailin D, El-Enshasy HA, Othman NZ, Malek R, Danial E, Wadaan M 5alphareductase inhibitors and antiprostate cancer activities of some synthesized 4aryl4pregneno32epyridinone derivatives Abd El-Galil E Amr, Mohamed M Abdalla, Mohamed MM Hussein, Hany M Safwat, Mohamed H Elgamal Contourlet transform based efficient shape extraction technique for forensic odontology Jaffino G, Banumathi A, Ulaganathan G, Vijayakumari B Incorporation of amorphous calcium phosphate ACP into glass ionomer cement influence on microleakage of cemented orthodontic bands Maryam Omidkhoda, Farzin Heravi, Shideh Gharaei, Abdolrasoul Rangrazi, Tabassom Hooshmand The effect of fatigue exercise on the electromyogram EMG and balance performance of individuals with mental disability Elif Top Potential risk factors for early large pleural effusion after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery Mehmet Cengiz Colak, Cemil Colak, Nevzat Erdil, Suleyman Sandal Assessment of clinical diagnosis age and gender differences of elderly patients applying to dermatology clinic of a secondary health institute in family medicine aspect Mehmet Kayhan, Ilhami Unluoglu, Serap Kayhan, Ugur Bilge Comparison of synthetic mesh types in terms of adherence of Escherichia coli and development of mesh infections in a rat model Tuna B Budak, Ahmet O Yirmibesoglu, Zeki Yumuk, Abdullah Gunes, Cagri Tiryaki, Ertugrul Kargi, Zulfu Bayhan, Yesim S Gurbuz Efficacy assessment of three nonsteroidal antiinflammatory gels with three different ingredients in patients with soft tissue trauma H?seyin Balcioglu, Fatma Tufan Revascularization a review of clinical reports on a contemporary treatment modality for endodontics Esra Pamuk?u G?ven, Meri? Karapinar-Kazandag, Jale Tanalp Latent tuberculosis infection in healthcare workers at a tertiary care center Aysel Kargi, Ahmet H Ilgazli, Fusun Yildiz, Hasim Boyaci, Ilknur Egece Basyigit Comparison of patients with fulminant versus nearmiss fulminant druginduced hepatitis Yilmaz Bilgic, Sami Akbulut, Orkide Kutlu, Cengiz Yilmaz, Cemil Colak, Mehmet Veysi Deviren, Yasir Furkan Cagin, Y?ksel Seckin, Oguzhan Yildirim, Murat Harputluoglu The effects of PPARalpha and PPARgamma agonists on proteinuria and oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Zafer Ufuk Cinkara, Saime Paydas, Mustafa Balal, Ertan Kara, ?zlem G ?zt?rk, Tamer Inal Comparison of segmentation algorithms for detection of hotspots in bone scintigraphy images and effects on CAD systems Ali Aslantas, Dandil Emre, Murat ?akiroglu Brain tumour detection using discrete wavelet transform based medical image fusion Udhaya Suriya TS, Rangarajan P Statistical analysis of pulse rate variability quantified through second derivative photoplethysmogram SDPPG and its compatibility with electrocardiographic ECG heart rate variability Mohanalakshmi S, Sivasubramanian A, Swarnalatha A Relation between carotid intima media thickness and vitamin D in hypertension Bengur Taskiran, Eylem Bahadir, Ruya Mutluay Neuropsychological abnormalities in a patient diagnosed with frontoparietal meningioma Hurtado-Gonz?lez CA, De la Cruz O, Calvo-Ortiz V, Olayo J, Trivi?o O, Brown-Castrill?n P, Semine C Assessing the classification performance of the mean platelet volume MPV in a cardiovascular risk prediction model ?zlem G?ll?, Mustafa Agah Tekindal, Can Ates, Berkay Ekici, Yasemin Yavuz Evaluation of expected and perceived of quality of service with the SERVQUAL scale The case of a private physical therapy and rehabilitation center ?zlem G?ll?, Melike Tekindal, Mustafa Agah Tekindal, Ayse Canan Yazicr Anticancer effects of Gardenia jasminoides in HepG2 human hepatoma cells Shao-cheng Chen, Xin Zhao, Ruo-kun Yi, Jun Qian, Yan-hong Shi, Rui Wang Motor imagery EEG discrimination using HilbertHuang Entropy Yuyi, Zhaoyun, Li Surui, Shi Lijuan, Li Zhenxin, Dong Bingchao Antimicrobial activity and Chemical analyses of oil constituents of Medicinal Plant Costus speciosus Koen Manal Othman Al-Kattan, Suzan A. Khayyat Protective effects of dexpanthenol against acetaminopheninduced hepatorenal damage Hilal Bektas Uysal, Bekir Dagli, Mustafa Yilmaz, Fadime Kahyaoglu, Alparslan G?k?imen, Imran Kurt Omurlu, Buket Demirci Endothelin1 Lys198Asn and rs10478694 polymorphism in ischemic stroke Orhan Aslan, Mehtap Gurger, Metin Atescelik, Murat Kara, Askin Sen, Omer Dogan Alatas, Caner Fevzi Demir, Mustafa Yilmaz, Kursat Kargun Oral ketamine administration for radiation therapy in children Erdal Dogan, Abdulmenap G?zel, Seyit Burhanedtin Zincircioglu, Mehmet Serif Arslan, Feyzi ?elik, Mehmet Besir Yildirim, Zeynep Baysal Yildirim, Mahir Kuyumcu Clinical research of two anaesthesia methods in gynaecologic laparoscopic surgery Chunlei Zhang, Yanhong Wang, Ling Qin, Shuhuan Guo A novel Glycyrrhiza uralensis polysaccharideglycinin conjugate synthesized by maillard reaction decreases the antigenicity of glycinin Jie Chen, Wanchen Li, Mengyuan Wang, Xiao Guo, Hongyang Yang, Xiaoqing Zhu, Kexun Lian, Yan Luo, Xinli Gu Beneficial effect of Mangiferin against sleep deprivationinduced neurodegeneration and memory impairment in mice Xia Feng, Ji Hong Xue, Kun Xia Xie, Shi Ping Liu, Hong Ping Zhong, Cui Cui Wang, Xiao Qiang Feng Upper cervical spinal injuries in elderly patients agespecific treatment Ali Riza Gezici, Yasar Dagistan, Se?kin Emre Cancan*, Kutlu Sari, Necdet Selim Kaya, G?ven Kili?, Semih Akar The effects of a pulmonary rehabilitation program on exercise tolerance quality of life sleep quality and emotional status in the patients with Parkinsons disease Belma G?ngen, Yusuf Aydemir, Yesim Aras, Adil G?ngen, Dilcan Kotan, Serdar Bal Effect of specialized nursing intervention on the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with sorafenib Xufeng Pang, Guizhi Li, Yaqing Lv, Juanjuan Wang, Lili Wei Evaluation of bactericidal activity of thymoleugenol solution as a potential disinfectant agent Ling Zhao, Xue-an Hao Anti tumor activity of stachydrine by inhibiting histone diacetylase enzyme in gastric cancer Ning Ma, Fu-Qing Wei, Jin-rui Guo The role of apolipoprotein M in the antiatherosclerosis process of simvastatin Liyun Liu, Shunhui Li, Youliang Yan, Qiangzhen Xiong Design synthesis and structureactivity relationship of imidazolidin2one135triazine conjugates as Enterovirus 71 and Coxsackievirus A16 Inhibitor Wen-li Gao, Jing-xiu Li Safranal inhibits the migration and invasion of human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells by overcoming epithelialmesenchymal transition Shu-Ping Zhang, Jiu-Ning Huang, Nuo Jin, Xue-Lei Wang, Chao-Chao Jin The relationship of fatigue and pain between mobility aid usage and depressive symptomatology in ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury Xuejun Zhao, Guodong Sun, Guihua Jiao, Hao Lv Immunogenic chemotherapy sensitizes nonsmall cell lung cancer to immune checkpoint blockade therapy in preclinical models Jun Lu, Ying Zhu, Jiashun Wang, Lufeng Wang, Yikai Chen, Weipeng Cai, Jinquan Yuan, Xiaokang Wang Effects of sufentanil and fentanyl on the recovery after laparoscopic cholecystectomy Liping Liao, Shenghui Yang Luteolin induces apoptosis in mouse liver cancer cells through ROS mediated pathway A mechanistic investigation Wei Wang, Fu-li Zhao, Jing Zhang, Dong-dong Gao Protective effect of secologanin on neuronal cell damage induced in epilepsy Ye-Fen Lu, Hui-Fen Huang, Jian-Jun Chen, Ting-Ting Zeng, Wei-Jing Chen, Lin-Lin Yu, Jie Rao, Wei-Yan Sun, Xiu-Mei Liu, Wei-wen Qiu Genetic polymorphism of candidate genes for fecundity traits in Egyptian sheep breeds Ibrahim AH Barakat, Lamiaa M Salem, Niveen M Daoud, Wagdy KB Khalil, Karima F Mahrous Comparison of different classification methods for the preictal stage detection in EEG signals Yildiz M, Bergil E, Oral C Serum autoantibody positivity and its impact on the treatment response of the genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C Gulcin Sahingoz Erdal, Ibrahim Hatemi, Kadri Atay, Billur Canbakan, Sebati Ozdemir, Murat Tuncer, Abdullah Sonsuz 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