Business Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1944-656X; Online ISSN: 1944-6578)


A Study on Impulsive buying behavior of Consumers with Reference to Big Bazaar Outlets In Bangalore India

Author(s): Subhram Kr Sandilya, Unnati Bisht, N Meena Rani

Impulse buying is a major area of interest among marketers due to its pervasive nature and the most important facet of consumer behavior as well as its potential in the marketing world. Big Bazaar, the pioneer in modern retailing in India has witnessed a significant shift in the way the consumers shop. It has carved its retail settings that push the consumers to buy things that aren't on a list by using promotions, special exhibitions, PoP display and through other methods. The present study examines the unplanned purchase (impulsive buying) by consumers at Big Bazaar outlet in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Data collected from 114 respondents shows significant association between the respondents’ attributes such as gender, preference for online/ offline shopping, frequency of shopping and the prime motives for buying such as offers & discounts, store / product attributes, and the tendency towards impulsive buying. It was found that internal drive as well as financial freedom coupled with external stimuli largely contributes to the impulsive buying in retail settings.

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