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Submission Instructions

Create a New User Profile Before you submit any materials, please fill out the User Profile form (all data is confidential). This form will enable you to expressly fill out the submission forms and stay informed about upcoming events. You will also be able to track your submissions and memberships when you login.

Conference Submissions


Submitting a paper via the Conference Submission Form (please read the following instructions carefully before submitting)

Choose your Conference:
When you access the Conference Submission Form, you will choose the appropriate conference from the pull down menu. You will then be able to create a new submission, or edit an existing one.

Academy, Title, and Abstract:
The form components are fairly self-explanatory, but we will outline them for your convenience. You will choose the Academy to which you wish to submit your paper (if you are unsure about the appropriate Academy, please see the Academy Overview page).  You will enter your paper’s title in the title box in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Next, simply copy and paste the abstract of your paper into the Abstract text box. Please note, by filling out the Conference Submission Form, you are warranting that the work is original and has not been published previously.

Author Information:
The next section is where you enter the author(s) names and affiliations. Your name will appear there by default, and you can add other names and affiliations to the list. Please be sure to spell out names and affiliations rather than use abbreviations here, as this information will appear verbatim in the Conference Program. When you add authors, their names will appear below yours in the author list. You can use the arrow buttons to move author names up or down to correct the order of authorship. IMPORTANT - Please make sure that all authors’ names are listed and spelled correctly before you submit the form.

Unless you are an Internet participant, you will be asked to choose your presentation time for the paper. We ensure that every author receives their first choice of presentation time (in rare circumstances we rely on the second choice). You can go back at a later date and edit your submission details, but slots are assigned on a first registered, first choice basis, and slots fill up quickly. Consequently, we encourage you to register quickly and to be careful to choose the presentation slot which will fit your travel plans. You should make your travel plans based on your first choice of presentation time.

Proceedings Versions:
Attaching a Proceedings version to this form is now required.  Therefore, you must format your paper according to the Publication Guidelines for Proceedings before submitting. If you wish to use only your Abstract as your Proceedings version, it will also need to be formatted accordingly and attached here. If you do not wish to have a version of your paper published in the Proceedings, please submit a document that says, “No Proceedings.” 

Please DO NOT submit your full paper through this form unless you plan to use it as your Proceedings version.  Keep in mind there is an extra page fee for Proceedings papers over 5 pages.  You can send in a different version of your Proceedings at a later date to replace this version.  However, updated papers must be submitted prior to the conference submission deadline to avoid a late fee.  

*We can format Proceedings papers for a fee of $5 per page. Please use the Payment Processing page for payment information.

At this point, you will submit the abstract and Proceedings for consideration. Our referee board will consider your abstract and we will respond with a decision with respect to your presentation of the paper at the conference within 3 days of your submission. If you do not hear from us within 3 days, please email the Executive Director to check on the status of your review.

Accelerated Journal Review
Conference Registrants are entitled to submit manuscripts to the Accelerated Journal Review (AJR) process. After registration, you will receive instructions about how to submit your full paper for AJR. The Accelerated Journal Review process is a double blind peer review conducted by members of the appropriate Journal Editorial Review Board. These Boards strive for a 25% acceptance rate.  Authors will typically receive reviewer feedback from the AJR within two weeks, of their submission. Feedback from the AJR process tends to be more limited due to the short period for review. Depending on the outcome of the reviews, authors are welcome to revise and resubmit their papers for another accelerated review prior to the conference. All reviews will be finalized by the end date of the conference.

Award Submissions:
Every Conference Registrant is also entitled to submit their manuscript for Award Consideration. The process for submitting a paper for Award consideration is the same as the process for submitting a paper for Accelerated Journal Review (AJR). Papers submitted for Award consideration will be sent to the Awards Committee for the Affiliate Academy in which you are participating. These Boards operate independently and they are different from the AJR Review Board. That means that the Awards Committees and the Editorial Boards may reach different decisions with respect to a manuscript. These committees tend to choose one, or sometimes two or three papers for recognition. Authors of the papers approved by the respective Awards Committee are recognized at the meeting with the presentation of an engraved Distinguished Research Award plaque. Generally, these decisions are made one week before the conference meeting.

As mentioned before, Proceedings versions must be formatted according to the Publication Guidelines, even if they are only one page abstracts (we can format Proceedings papers for a fee of $5 per page. Please use the Payment Processing page for payment information. However, there are NO formatting requirements for Award submissions or papers sent for Accelerated Journal Review. We do require that full papers contain a cover page with the paper title, author names, affiliations, and at least one email address. This cover page will be removed before the file is sent out for review. We also ask that the full version of the paper be single spaced. Cases must include a corresponding Instructor’s Note as well.

Each conference participant who plans to attend the conference is required to pay the registration fee, and at least one author on every paper is required to register. Late registration fees may be applied in cases where papers are submitted after the conference deadline. One paper is included in the price of registration, and there is an extra paper fee of $50 for each additional paper. There is a $25 extra page fee for Proceedings versions over 5 pages (there is not a page limit on Award/Journal submissions). Please Note: Papers can NOT be considered for Accelerated Journal Review, Awards, nor be included in the Proceedings unless at least one author per paper has registered. Registration forms can be found on the Conferences page.

Membership Requirements

At this time, authors are NOT required to be members of a given Academy in order to submit a paper for Conference, Awards or Accelerated Journal Review. If a paper is accepted for Journal publication, ALL authors on that paper are required to become members of the Academy associated with the Journal in question. Memberships are good for one year and provide access to the online Journals associated with that Academy, and allow members to publish papers in the respective Journal during that year. Members will also receive a discount on hard copies of the Journals in their Academy.

Direct Journal Submissions

 The direct submission review process is a double blind peer review conducted by members of the appropriate Journal Editorial Review Board. In general, these Boards strive for a 25% acceptance rate. The review time for direct submissions is approximately 8 to 10 weeks. These reviews tend to be more in depth than the AJR, and authors are given the opportunity to revise and resubmit depending on the reviewer feedback. 

To submit your paper for direct consideration, please use the online form Direct Journal Submission (DJS) form (the contact author will need to have a user profile and be prompted to log in to access this form).  You will receive a confirmation email at that time to let you know that your submission has been received along with a tracking number to use for future inquiries.  This form will be deactivated during periods of time when we are not taking any new direct submissions.

Direct submissions are accepted between conference dates, and are cut off in the weeks surrounding each of our four conferences.  Though dates vary due to changing conference schedules, in 2014 we will be accepting direct submissions during the following months: January, February, May, June, August, November.  These dates are subject to change, but you will be notified when trying to access the DJS form.

Accepted Journal Submissions

Details on submitting an article that has been accepted for Journal publication are included in the acceptance letters sent to the authors at the time of acceptance.  There are a few prerequisites (also described in the acceptance letters) that include:

Once submitted, the papers go into the publication queue.  Though actual publication times (approximate time from submission to publication) can be up to 9 months, we are in the process of implementing a "Publish on the Fly" approach where authors will be notified when their paper is folded into a Journal in process.  That means citation information and reprints will be available much sooner than the publication date.  This is being implemented in the Spring of 2014 and we look forward to a great response from our members and authors.