International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


A Study on the Effects of the Alliance with a Business Group for the Growth of New Technology-Based Ventures in South Korea

Author(s): Youngkeun Choi

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the impact of the founder's human capital and alliance on promoting the growth of Korea's new technology-based venture companies. First, describe the founder's human capital, academic background, previous work experience, and output function background in attracting external providers. This article examines the role of mediation of technology-based venture business groups based on the Korean entrepreneurship. Test this hypothesis by using 170 new technology-based venture databases released to emerging companies in the Korean stock market. Research shows that the foundational experience and functional background in the relevant industry have a greater impact on resource attractiveness than on the university background. The results support the business group's positive role in new technology-based venture companies' business growth, replacing market failures, providing signals to additional resources, and achieving better performance over time for IPOs.

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