Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Agritourism - A case Study of Supplementary Income for Farmers in India

Author(s): Mohan Palani

Agritourism is an alternative tourism form that provides first-hand experience of agricultural practices in the farm fields, authentic cuisines tastes, live rural celebrations and arts forms. It is not a new practice, in India it is an age old practice that farmers with their relatives spend time on their own forms yearly once or twice in the name of festivals. It is gaining importance in India because of its’ role in creation of alternative income to farmers, employment to rural youth, sustainable development and economic growth of the country. Maha- rastra State in India is a pioneer in Agritourism and it has given importance in Maharastra Tourism Policy 2016 by incorporating Agritourism as one of the major potential areas to help small farmers. Now Govern- ment of Maharastra has come up with clear guidelines to boost Agritourism in the state with Maharashtra Agri Tourism Policy 2020. This study discusses the complete details of growth of Agritourism in India and how extent it supplements the income of farmers and possibility of replicating the Agritourism concept across India to minimise the financial risk of farmers who are mostly depending on rainy season. In India, Agritourism can ensure alternative, continuous, season independent and sustainable income to small farmers with little investment on farm accommodation and exhibition of existing resources to Agritourist.

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