International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Assessment of commitment of private companies towards corporate social responsibilities in zambia: a case study of mtn−zambia

Author(s): Daniel Fulaulo Sijamba

This paper sought to assess the commitment of private companies towards corporate social responsibilities in Zambia: a case study of MTN-Zambia. The specific objectives of this paper were threefold; to determine the extent to which MTN is committed towards CSR in Zambia; to assess the CSR areas where MTN-Zambia is actively involved; and to ascertain the challenges that MTN-Zambia faces in the implementation of CSR activities. The paper was a desk review, and this meant that the results were based on secondary data only. The main findings of this paper revealed that, to a greater extent, MTN-Zambia was committed towards CSR in Zambia. This was evidenced by the numerous activities in various CSR in which the corporation was involved. These areas include but are not limited to education, health, infrastructure support/development, and cultural preservation. Despite these efforts, the paper further revealed that there were challenges that MTN-Zambia faced in the implementation of activities. With deliberate commitment towards CSR activities, it is hoped that communities will be positively impacted. The private sector was seen as an important instrument of development as it supported the governmentâÂ??Â??s support towards development

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