International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Bali Cattle Marketing Channels and Margins in the Covid-19 Era

Author(s): Ni Made Ayu Gemuh Rasa Astiti, Ni Ketut Sri Rukmini, Ni Ketut Mardewi, Ahmad Fudholi,

Carried out research on Channels and Raising of Bali Cows in the Covid-19 Era to know Bali cattle's marketing channels and margins in the Covid-19 Era. The study was carried out in 2021 for two months at the Karya Laksana and Karang Ayu Bali cattle groups located in the Abiansemal Swing Village of Badung Bali. The research method used is a survey method using primary data and secondary data. Preliminary data obtained by direct observation and measurement of the sample. Sampling was carried out by purposive sampling; namely, determined the selection based on the group invited to cooperate, the Bali Karang Ayu and Karang Laksana cattle groups. The results of the study found four marketing channels, and the most carried out in the Covid-19 Era was Channel III, namely breeders selling their livestock through intermediary traders, namely Belantik as much as 67.5%, breeders did this to reduce the risk of Covid-19 due to crowding in the animal market, avoiding livestock. To not be stressed and increase the breeders' bargaining value in the sense that if the price has not found an agreement, the breeders will not sell their livestock. Livestock marketing through the channel I was 12.5%, Channel II was 15%, and channel IV was 5%. The lowest marketing margin occurs in channel I, where the farmer sells his livestock directly to the final consumer in the cattle pen without intermediaries. The shorter the marketing channel through which the marketing margin is getting smaller so that the price at the end consumer level is also low. Conclusion in the Covid-19 Era. The safest marketing channel which breeders widely apply is channel III, namely, the breeders selling their livestock to Belantik in the cattle sheds as much as 67.5%. Bali cattle's lowest marketing margin in the Covid-19 Era was channel I because breeders sold their livestock directly to end consumers without intermediaries. The longer the marketing channel, the higher the marketing margin, which resulted in higher prices at the end consumer level.

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