Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Business Open doors and Difficulties in Lesser Created Part Nations of ASEAN: A Contextual analysis From the Fish Handling Industry in Thailand

Author(s): Ashish Malik

Process demonstrating and rule displaying dialects are both used to report authoritative arrangements and methodology. Until now, their cooperative energies and cross-over are under-explored. Understanding the connection between the two demonstrating types would permit associations to boost cooperative energies, stay away from content duplication, and accordingly diminish their general displaying exertion. In this paper, we utilize the Bunge-Wand-Weber (BWW) portrayal hypothesis to analyze the portrayal capacities of cycle and rule displaying dialects. An illustrative investigation of four rule displaying determinations: The Basic Rule Markup Language (SRML), the Semantic Web Rules Language (SWRL), the Creation Rule Portrayal (PRR), and the Semantics of Business Jargon and Business Rules (SBVR) particular. We contrast their BWW portrayal abilities and those of four famous reasonable interaction displaying dialects. In the study, the parts of most extreme ontological fulfillment and least ontological cross-over. The result of this study shows that no single language is inside finished regarding the BWW portrayal model. A mix of two dialects, specifically SRML and BPMN, has all the earmarks of being more qualified for joined interaction and rule displaying than any of these demonstrating dialects utilized freely.

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