International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Does Social and Financial Microcredit characteristics encourage the financing of the small Projects: The Case of Agricultural Entrepreneurial Firms in Soudan

Author(s): Elmoez Zaabi

Microfinance banks procedures as dedicated to entrepreneurs of small business, particularly within rural areas are positively affect their financing and project achievement. The current research was carried out to investigate the impact of social, administrative and financial aspects of microcredit on financing projects among the agriculture entrepreneurs in Dongola-Souda. The study was conducted on 120 agriculture entrepreneurs. Data were collected by a valid and reliable survey to obtain the opinion of agriculture entrepreneurs toward their perception of when seeking bank, a loan or help in their micro business. The results shows that The major activities of small business and private entrepreneurship have been proven to be closely linked to banks , the microfinance made available to entrepreneurs positively affect the entrepreneur’s small business, particularly within rural areas where resources are limited or restricted. The benefits of banks providing loans and other microfinancing support alleviate the financial and non-financial constraints that rural entrepreneur’s face which not enables them to establish their business but also facilitate the maintenance and success of their projects. Furthermore, the results show that hard governing regulations limit the ease of doing business and an entrepreneur's ability to start up a business. The findings are of great importance to suggest a need to improve microfinance administrative procedures and social aspects to be more flexible to make access to finance easy and reduce poverty in rural areas.

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