International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Duri Branding for Pandan Weave Bags of Peace Farmer Housewife Group Community Enterprise Of Wang-Paya, Raman District, Yala Province

Author(s): Apsorn E-sor, Nantharat Namburi, Nattharawee Phongkraphan, Sukrita Pumkeaw, Wiroj Phaiboonvessawat

 The objective of this research is “Duri” Branding for Pandan Weaved Bag of Peace Farmer housewife Group Community Enterprise of Wang-Paya, Raman district, Yala province. This research is developmental, collected data by focus group discussion, development operation, and in-depth interview of related target group parties including entrepreneurs, mediators, customers, and specialists in brand communication. The derived data were then analyzed, synthesized, compared, and composed in the rational description. The results of this research found that building brand “Duri” was composing with


1.            The target customers who are mainly working women age 30-65 years old, in an upper-middle-class, appreciated quality weave bags and unique.

2.            Market positioning, this focused on “color and style identity."

3.            Integrated marketing communications were conducted through six instruments as following; 

a)            Advertisement – through video and banner media; 

b)            Sales Promotion – offering discount 20% of the regular price;  

c)            Event Marketing – launching "Duri in-depth inside your style” project; 

d)            Public Relations – orienting video clips acknowledging for Pandan Weave handicrafts, including social support donations for orphans in the area;  

e)            Personal Selling – contacting famous persons to represent sales of Duri bags, and

f)             Others – such as posting epigrams according to Duri style personality. As a post-development result, Pandan Weave bags under the “Duri” brand were better known and accepted. The average increase from previous sales was 125%.

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