International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Economic empowerment among Asnaf entrepreneurs in the context of self-reliance

Author(s): Amin Mujitaba M., Adi Syahid M.A., Mohamad N.H., & Meizareena Mizad

Asnaf Entrepreneurs is an effort to make zakat as a productive instrument to eliminate Asnaf from the poverty circle. However, the issue of dependence of the poor in the economic context is one of the problems in developing them. The issue of the ability of Asnaf entrepreneurs not to depend on their economy is an important one to discuss, but the results of Asnaf entrepreneurs who have the economic empowerment in terms of being able to be self-reliance are quite limited to obtain. To overcome this problem, this study was carried out to identify the economic empowerment of Asnaf entrepreneurs in terms of self-reliance and to analyse the differences in economic empowerment in the context of self-reliance based on the level of education of Asnaf entrepreneurs. Using a survey as a study design, this study was using a systematic random sampling method with a total of 125 respondents were selected as the study respondents. The results show that the economic empowerment of Asnaf entrepreneurs in the context of self-reliance only occasionally occurs and there is no significant difference in their economic ability (self-reliance) based on their level of education. This shows that dependence still occurs and the level of education does not differentiate the nature of an Asnaf individual.

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