Business Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1944-656X; Online ISSN: 1944-6578)


Effect of Store Image on Consumers' Store Brand Purchase Frequency and Perceived Quality on Cosmetic Products

Author(s): Narayanaswamy Venkateswaran

The purpose of this study is to examine store image and its influence on the consumers’ store brand purchasing behaviour and their quality perception concerning store brands. Store image dimensions’ effect on each mentioned variable is tested on a sample of 378 customers distinguishing themselves by High Perceived Quality (HPQ) and Low Perceived Quality (LPQ) in purchasing cosmetic products. It is also measured from this study that how store atmosphere dimension of store image affects perceived quality of firms store brands. This study investigates how various categories sources of store image factors and their perceived risks affect cosmetic product attributes make customer evaluation on purchasing cosmetic store branded products This paper made an analytical framework for the readers to understand what makes consumer to categorize cosmetic product more conducive for store brand introduction. This paper investigates market characteristics that help explain differences in store brand market share across product categories. The findings from this study suggest that introduction of new innovative cosmetic store brand which is likely to increase retailer's profits in their product category is better with unique features and characteristics with competitors store brands. Based on the results from the study respective cosmetic store brand managers and retails may develop different marketing strategies through appropriate segmentation and positioning of their products based on customer’s perceive quality. A structural model is developed and tested, indicating the likelihood of success. Findings from this study allow retailers to focus on product development in cosmetic product categories most compatible with store's image.

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