International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Exploring the Role of Brand Image and Para Social Interaction on the Effect of Influencer Credibility on Purchase Intention

Author(s): Ben Ameur Habiba

The purpose of this article is to study the effect of influencer credibility on consumers' purchasing intention towards the brand while highlighting the moderating role of parasocial interactions as well as introducing other variables such as brand image and attitude. To realize this work, we carried out a quantitative study with a sample of 312 Tunisian subscribers to the Instagram accounts of parapharmaceutical products. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was performed to evaluate the research model. The results of the analysis show that the credibility of influencers has a positive impact on brand image, attitude towards the brand and purchase intention. Brand image has a positive effect on attitude towards the brand which in turn positively influences purchasing intention. We also verified the moderating role of para-social interactions between the credibility of influencers and purchasing intention.

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