International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Fostering Entrepreneurial Ecosystem within Rural Entrepreneurship

Author(s): Intan Fitri Meutia, Devi Yulianti, Gita Paramitha Djausal, Bayu Sujadmiko

Promoting rural development by entrepreneurship as a strategic development intervention accelerates rural development. Entrepreneurial activity promotes economic growth and development has attracted the attention of governments especially in developing countries to embark on various programs and strategies aimed at rural areas and increasing economic activity through entrepreneurial development. This article aims to explain the motivations of the local community participation in rural owned enterprises; analyze the potential resources and capitals to support the rural entrepreneurship; find the strategy development of business units in rural enterprises and analyze the strategy to foster rural entrepreneurship. This study used the documentations as comparison from articles in scientific journals and books regarding the spectrums of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, ecosystem, data and information about entrepreneurial ecosystems for rural development. Field research had done in two rural areas: Gunung Rejo, Pesawaranand Pekon Gisting Bawah, Tangamus. Regencies of Lampung Province, Indonesia. The data sample are rural owned enterprises at Tunas Jaya and Mandiri Bersatu. Fostering entrepreneurship ecosystems within rural entrepreneurship is a dynamic study. The entrepreneurship ecosystems to sustain rural enterprises in our research need legal policy, strategic programs, business opportunity, innovation, local community participation, social capital, competitive resources, networks, partnerships, leadership figure, and success story.

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