Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Mosquito Nets Eradication through the Movement Program is an Example of Public Service Innovation

Author(s): Xiaohong Wang

This chapter focuses on however ICT will be deployed to help within the style and delivery of innovative public property development. In several components of the planet, and particularly in developing countries, basic public health, basic infrastructures, moreover as water and sanitation, area unit typically poor and uneven even once offered. Mirrored within the international organization property development agenda for 2030, and conjointly address challenges like and employment. All of those want innovative public service delivery if targets area unit to be achieved by 2030 of such services is more and more challenged by the variety of social wants across totally different locations and thought, mostly off-the-peg, ICT has tremendous potential nowadays and within the close to future to innovatively challenges, and there area unit already several valuable experiences each from developed and developing countries create Brobdingnagian variations to public service delivery. The chapter conjointly addresses the governance and policy self-addressed during this context. The roles of internal and external drivers, collaboration among organization’s and continuous observance and analysis with feedback were thought of. This paper suggests that policy manufacturers and management practitioners eliminate numerous restrictive and policy frameworks that impede the capability of PSOs to initiate. What is more, the appointment of public sector managers ought to be supported their creativity and resourcefulness and not on political perspicacity, and that they ought to manage PSOs like non-public sector businesses whereas still being responsible to the voters and government. The study contributes by extending literature on innovations, and it presents an abstract framework for PSOs innovations.

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