Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Pandemic: A Case Study of Online Teaching across Various Participant Groups In The Indian Context

Author(s): L.R.K. Krishnan

The world of education, learning and teaching has undergone drastic transformation with the killer pandemic impacting all cross sections of the society. Teachers in India have adopted new pedagogical methods for online teaching to engage students to achieve learning objectives. Technology and internet connectivity are now the basis for online and peer learning. Role of faculty is now evolving around creating a learning environment, encouraging interaction and provoking the spirit of enquiry and self - directed learning. The various limitations of online engagement owing to technology, student learning environments and motivation are the key challenges in online teaching. Going forward in to the future online teaching will remain mainstream considering its strategic advantages and in providing flexibility to students and faculty members. The whole eco system is undergoing change and all the stake holders are required to align or perish in the emerging circumstances. Corporate are maximising engagement and productivity enhancement through online training initiatives. This case study throws light on the dimensions of online learning and learning via virtual classrooms.

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