International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Prospective Study of the Tourism Industry Strategy in the New Normal Era

Author(s): Dian Kagungan, Karomani, Devi Yulianti Intan Fitri Meutia Yulia Neta Anna Gustina Zainal

Tourism is one of the most threatened sectors due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lampung Provincial Government needs to address the threatening factors to formulate a policy strategy for rebuilding the tourism industry in the new normal era. The location of this research is Lampung Provincial Government, Tanggamus Government, and Pesawaran district government. The method used is qualitative descriptive obtained through interviews and FGD, with a quantitative data approach. This study’s results indicate the tourism industry development strategy in Pesawaran Regency and Tanggamus Regency consisting of four components: attraction, accessibility, amenities, and additional services (ancillary). The long-term objective of this research: to produce a model of tourism industry development policy based on local wisdom through synergistic cooperation between Lampung Provincial, Tanggamus Regency, and Pesawaran Regency Government. The Lampung government has not issued strategic policy in the tourism sector affected by Covid-19. However, the Department of Tourism and Economic Creative Lampung Province must prepare a scenario to accelerate their cover of the tourism industry based on a SWOT analysis as research advice. The scenarios include local tourists’ local wisdom; prepare environmentally, health, and safety insight; increase capacity, knowledge, and public awareness. The Lampung government this not issued a strategic policy in the tourism sector affected by Covid-19.

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