Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Students Perception of Native and International Lecturers of English Language a Case of Selected Universities in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Author(s): Channy DY, Ogunniran Moses Oladele

This research investigated the Cambodian students’ perception on Native Cambodian Lecturers of English Language (NCLsEL) and International Lecturers of English Language (ILsEL) in Higher Education Institutions in the Kingdom of Cambodia. In order to get deeper insight and outcome of perceptions, this paper was carried out with 100 students who were randomly selected from two famous Cambodian universities namely Norton University and Phnom Penh International University. Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies were used to collect data by means of students’ designed questionnaire. The results indicated that the majority of Cambodian students prefer to have classes with Cambodian Lecturers in their first general perceptions. In addition, the finding also illustrated that there were very small differences in terms of four main factors that attempted to draw their opinions and perceptions toward local and international lecturers. Those categories, consisted of 30-item designed questionnaire on In-class teaching roles, In-class management roles, In-class communication roles, and Individual features, provided comparable scores of both groups. Moreover, it finalized that the majority of the sample respondents chose Cambodian lecturers because of their ability to use students’ language for some difficult explanations; understand the students’ feelings, needs and culture; promote friendly learning; offer closer interaction; easy to communicate with; calm; well-educated; good advice; and they also concluded with the knowledge of pedagogy and variety of teaching strategies. However, the respondents who chose International Lecturers stated that international lecturers have the ability and experiences of using English language in teaching as well as communicating from one country to another. The students also mentioned that they are well-prepared, punctual and able to provide friendly learning environment.

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