Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)


Teaching Note: Old Monk: Is Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Author(s): A. Shivakanth Shetty

This case discusses and evaluates the strategic options, marketing strategies and brand management techniques to be adopted in the revival of a dormant but iconic brand. This case revolves around the challenges and struggles of Mr. Hemant Mohan, in resurrecting Old Monk brand in a highly regulated and competitive beverage and liquor industry in India. Irrespective of the nostalgic value and brand equity attached to the Old Monk, the task before Mr. Hemant Mohan is daunting because of unfriendly government regulations, intense competition of foreign brands, the literal monopoly of government-run liquor retail chains and changing consumer tastes and preferences. In this context, this case evaluates and discusses the different strategic options, marketing and branding strategies to be adopted by Mr. Hemant Mohan. This case poses questions like is leveraging Brand Equity alone sufficient in the revival of Old Monk? Will brand extension of Old Monk be helpful for its survival? Irrespective of the nostalgic value and brand equity attached to the Old Monk, will the siblings be able to resurrect the old glory? This case is written keeping the undergraduate and postgraduate of management in mind and is more suitable for brand management and strategy. This case is designed to be taught in one class consisting of 90 min and students may have at least 5-6 h of outside preparation and study for discussion and assignments.

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