International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Technology Readiness and Customer Satisfaction in Luxury Hotels: A Case Study of Vietnam

Author(s): Long Pham, Pham Thi Hoan Nguyen, Le Van Huy, Donna Luse

Today’s technology revolution 4.0 is taking place at a rapid pace. A wide range of advanced technology applications have been deployed in various sectors such as banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, transportation, and so on. The hotel industry is no exception. Self-service technologies are changing business processes in hotels. By adopting and deploying self-service technologies, hotels are expected to improve their service quality and customer satisfaction. However, in practice, customers have differences in technology readiness and such differences may affect customer satisfaction with the hotel. Up to now, no research has examined the direct relationship between customer technology readiness and satisfaction with luxury hotels in Vietnam-a newly emerging country with many economic achievements. This research aims to fill this gap. The results showed that among four factors of the construct ‘technology readiness’, optimism and innovativeness are positively related to visitor satisfaction with the luxury hotel. Meanwhile, there is no statistical evidence that discomfort and insecurity affect visitor satisfaction with the luxury hotel. Implications, limitations, and future research are discussed.

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