International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Ten decades of research on sustainability of product design: A bibliometric analysis of trends a cross regions

Author(s): Xu Yang, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid, Mu Tiantian, Zhu Guangyu

The Product design has permeated various fields, and industries have also advanced the innovation and advancement of product design concepts and technologies. In the widespread implementation of the use of product design, recent research has re-examined the direction of academic rehearing the field of product design. The number of relevant publications calls for a bibliometric study to explore the most prominent keywords, countries, sources, and research clusters. In this paper, a bibliometric analysis of relevant publication in product design is conducted using data from the Scopus database from 2011-2020. The comparative analysis of the literature keywords is used to generate a model of the most high-frequency keywords under product design. The paper goes on to discuss the publication trends in product design using the model concept. The bibliometric analysis during the study period reveals annual publication counts, producing and collaborating countries, source growth rates, most frequent keywords, and research collaborations. The areas of research were divided into three main categories, namely, models used in product design; research in the area of sustainability as it relates to product design; and methods and evaluation strategies applied to product design. The qualitative analysis section of the paper is a detailed description of the most highly cited articles.

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