International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


The Experiences and Reflections of Unemployed Female Youth in Lepellenkumpi Local Municipality: Towards Entrpreneurial Development and Support

Author(s): Kgomotlokoa Linda Thaba-Nkadimene

“The majority of the South African female youth are faced by scourge of unemployment; that has roots in the past apartheid legacy that resulted with majority of South African receiving poor education and training; labor demand and supply mismatch; sow economic growth; and lack of interest for entrepreneurship among citizens. These challenges affect youth more than adults, and female youth in particular. The purpose the study was to explore the experiences and reflections of women youth on the scourge of unemployment; and explore how entrepreneurial development and support can address their unemployment status and enculturate them in entrepreneurial activities. Two questions were raised, ‘to what extend does lack of job opportunities affect Lepelle-Nkumpi unemployed female youth? And what intervention strategies are put in place to support and prepare unemployed female youth into entrepreneurship spaces?’ The study is premised within interpretivist paradigm, and interviews and observation qualitative techniques were used to gather data from sixteen unemployed female youth. Content and narrative analysis were used. The research findings revealed, firstly, a lack of job opportunities for job seekers, and difficulties in entering labor markets. Secondly, inadequacies in entrepreneurial development and support spaces that are needed for entrepreneurial success. As part of conclusion, this study recommends that government and private sector should create employment opportunities for female youth; and government enforce compliance to employment equity. Secondly, the level of entrepreneurial development and support intervention that target female youth should be raised in all communities, to improve female youth in entrepreneurship.

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