International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


The Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Supporting Creative Behavior of Managers (An Empirical Study on Medium-Sized Enterprise In Amman City-Jordan)

Author(s): Laith Abdullah AlQhaiwi & Razan Barakat Abukaraki

This study aims to identify the impact of Entrepreneurial orientation on Creative behavior in Managers. The study uses the descriptive-analytical method and the probability sampling technique. Questionnaires were designed, verified and validated to cover a random sample of 191 managers in Amman. Validated and usable questionnaires were entered and processed in the SPSS program. The overall reliability of the 134 questionnaires was high at 0.940. The most important findings of the study conducted on the medium-sized enterprise in Amman City are: 1) Medium-sized enterprises high practice entrepreneurial orientation and creative behavior at high levels. 2) There is a strong relationship between the entrepreneurial orientation dimensions (risk-taking, pro-activeness, self-autonomy, and competitive aggressiveness) and creative behavior (problem sensitivity and flexibility of thoughts) of the managers. 3) There is a statistically significant impact of the entrepreneurial orientations (risk-taking, pro-activeness, self-autonomy, and competitive aggressiveness) on supporting creative behavior of managers (problem sensitivity and flexibility of thoughts). A set of general and special recommendations have been offered to the government regarding the stimulation of entrepreneurship at the level of medium-sized enterprises to increase opportunities for development and growth and which positively affect governmental revenues in general.

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