International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


The Role of E-Commerce Industry in the Sustainable Economic Development of Iraq

Author(s): Dr. Amel Asmar Zaboon, Dr. Nadia Khutheir Ganawi, Alaa Abbas Dakhil

In this modern era of technological advancement, e - commerce has emerged as an important economic partner for any country. The simple & quick purchasing model, different & easy payment methods and cash on delivery services with suitable return policies , have made the e - commerce industry highly significant. Customer satisfaction is high in this mode of online shopping and trading , globally. Therefore, the central objective of this research is to describe the role of e - commerce industry in the sustainable economic development of Iraq, with a wide range of e - commerce trends in different niches to facilitate natio nal & international consumers. Hence, special attention is paid towards the role of e - commerce, customer satisfaction via this innovative & rising business way in Iraq. To explain further , four hypotheses are taken concerning the e - commerce in technologica l context, organizational, environmental & individual context s . An online survey was conducted, and detailed questionnaires were distributed , in which simple random technique was used. Due the limitations and emerging e - commerce industry in Iraq, initially 50 questionnaires were distributed among the top level e - commerce websites across the country. This research shows the results that innovative & personal research in IT sector, especially in e - commerce which plays an important role to grow the industry . It contains a bright future if government plays it s part as individuals are advancing with their innovative & creative ideas. SMEs have direct link s with this industry to create employment in the country too. The buying trend is increasing through e - commer ce, which has positive impact on country’s economy. The current study is significant to prove the main role of e - commerce industry in sustainable economic development in Iraq. Hence, the study is supportive for e - commerce companies & websites to lessen lat est online buying trends, e - paying methods and customer satisfactory ways in modern world.

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