International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


The Role of Intrapreneurship in the Growth of Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Enterprises in Sri Lanka

Author(s): Sanath Divakara, H.A.K.N.S. Surangi

Business environment of the manufacturing organizations has become increasingly complex, dynamic and uncertain as a consequence of various constraints. Thus, manufacturing industries are urged to increase their flexibilities to maintain competitiveness in the market. The affirmation of intrapreneurship has become one of the essential facts that in achieving higher adaptability and competitiveness in the growth. This study investigates a holistic view of the concept of intrapreneurship focused on purpose, influences, dimensions, and contribution related to the small and medium scale manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka. Narrative inquiry of the qualitative approach concern to interaction, continuity, and situation were framed on collecting data from the echelons. Fifteen echelons from the ISO certified manufacturing and award-winning organizations were purposively selected for the interviews. NVivo 12 used to organize the data in analysis and derived themes based on the four research questions. A model was constructed as the final outcome with related to the study findings. The study findings affirmed the relationship between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship to stimulate organizational growth and the dyadic effect with related to thrift, productivity and efficiency of internal operation of the organizations. Research contribution primarily enabled three areas, development of entrepreneurial management system, development of echelons focusing intrapreneurship skills and socioeconomic growth.

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