International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Tourism Industry and its Impact on the Economic Growth of Five GCC Countries

Author(s): Aarif Mohammad Khan, Sana Naseem & Uzma Khan

Purpose: This paper's primary motive is to analyze the tourism-growth nexus for the five GCC countries. Approach: By incorporating panel and individual country-based study data for the period 2000–2018. All the concerned variables integrated into the first differenced form. Findings:Dumitrescu-Hurlin panel causality test reveals that no causality found among any factor tested with economic growth, although dual causation is present among tourism growth and tourism expenditure. Limitations: Our study is confined to a particular region as well, as it based on ordinary least square techniques does not implement the same for other regions of the World Originality: Our results are expected to guide policymakers to design appropriate policies that boost the tourism industry to promote sustainable tourism in GCC countries. Keywords: Tourism Growth, Economic Growth, Tourism Expenditure, Dumitrescu-Hurlin. JEL Classification: C01, C23, F29, O10

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