International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Web-Marketing Triggering Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Author(s): Jorge Figueiredo, Antonio Cardoso, Margarida Pocinho, Pedro Rodrigues, Isabel Oliveira

This study has as main objective, to evaluate the role of Web-marketing as a fundamental element in the relation with the client that contributes to the entrepreneurial affirmation of a company. This study considers the consumer perception regarding the strategies used in Digital Marketing, the evaluation, the satisfaction, the trust, the fidelity and loyalty of online consumers. As a methodology, 405 respondents took part in the survey using an online questionnaire. The customer's sense of satisfaction is closely related to their trust in the brand, in a process that materializes in the creation and maintenance of long-term relationships. As online consumers become savvier, their confidence increases, and they tend to buy more and become less concerned about uncertainty, customer trust becomes crucial and presents itself as customer fidelity. This is how trust minimizes insecurities about consumer risk and safety and encourages them to participate in online actions. On the other hand, fidelity based on emotion, obeys to a longer process and guarantees purchase repetition, because the consumer values the creation of personalized experiences. The companies aim at integrating these two forms of fidelity, in order to strengthen the bond and stimulate an emotional relationship. A certain brand consolidates its relationship with the customer, regardless of competitors' requests, when it has a strong Brand Equity. There is a significant commitment to repeat purchase of a product without concern for situational influences and marketing efforts that are capable of causing behavioural change. Loyalty does not present itself as a single phenomenon, but as a continuous action or a continuous action process. There is confidence building that will stimulate commitment and result in a prescriber of the product, service and brand. Customer satisfaction, trust, fidelity and loyalty are vital elements for an enterprising company looking for market differentiation, connecting with consumer communities and partners for co-creation and with competitors for a collaborative competition. On the other hand, companies have to take into consideration that each customer is a potential entrepreneur, as they have access to the knowledge of crowds so that they can make the most informed decisions.