International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)

Research Article: 2023 Vol: 27 Issue: 6

Amplified Conversation Marketing: Leveraging Verbal Exchanges and Digital Tools for Enhanced Brand Communication

Aissam SIGOUL, ESS Business School

Citation Information: Sigoul, A., (2023). Amplified Conversation Marketing: Leveraging Verbal Exchanges And Digital Tools For Enhanced Brand Communication. International Journal of Entrepreneurship, 27(S6),1-6


This research article presents the concept of Amplified Conversation Marketing, derived from a qualitative case study of the innovative startup TalkImpact. Amplified Conversation Marketing revolutionizes brand communication by utilizing the power of real human conversation at a micro level, facilitated by taxi and ride-hail drivers, while leveraging digital tools at a macro level to amplify and manage the impact at scale. This article highlights the benefits of leveraging genuine human conversation in brand messaging, combined with digital means for amplification and management, leading to the development of the Amplified Conversation Marketing concept. The study explores the operational framework of TalkImpact, showcasing its unique approach and the integration of digital tools, such as QR codes, to confirm message transmission, manage drivers, coordinate communication campaigns, and evaluate impact through data collection and analysis. The article provides insights into the transactional process and the potential of Amplified Conversation Marketing in rapidly reaching a wide audience with impactful brand messages.


Amplified Conversation Marketing, Brand Communication, Startup.


Amidst the evolving marketing landscape, Amplified Conversation Marketing has emerged as a transformative approach that combines the power of authentic human conversation with digital amplification techniques. TalkImpact, an innovative startup, has successfully implemented this approach by harnessing the conversational skills of taxi and ride-hail drivers to transmit brand messages during tangible interactions with their passengers. This article presents an in-depth analysis of TalkImpact's operations and showcases the development of the Amplified Conversation Marketing concept.

Materials and Methods

This research adopts a qualitative approach, utilizing in-depth interviews with TalkImpact's management team, observations of their operations, and analysis of archival data, including communication campaign reports and customer feedback. Through thematic analysis, this study uncovers the underlying mechanisms and benefits of Amplified Conversation Marketing.


Description and location of the study

This is a descriptive and analytical survey of taxi drivers in the city of Paris.

• The work team: taxi drivers, employees of the startup TalkImpact
• The offered services: diffusion of brand messages Using Amplified Conversational Marketing

Inclusion criteria

20 taxi drivers from the town of Nanterre in the Paris Region were included in this study.

Exclusion criteria

• Were excluded in this study Taxi drivers outside the town of Nanterre, VTC drivers, car sharing drivers.


Data collection

For uniform and codified exploitation, we established a self-declarative questionnaire delivered to drivers via the Whatsapp application in order to confirm message transmission, manage driver networks, coordinate communication campaigns and evaluate impact through data collection and analysis.

Parameters evaluated

This research adopts a qualitative approach, using in-depth interviews with Talk Impact's management team, observation of their operations and analysis of archival data, including communications campaign reports and customer feedback. Through thematic analysis, this study uncovers the underlying mechanisms and benefits of amplified conversational marketing.


Operational Framework of Talk Impact:

The operational framework of TalkImpact revolves around engaging taxi drivers as brand ambassadors. These drivers play a crucial role in initiating conversations with passengers and transmitting brand messages during their rides. Through interviews with TalkImpact's management team, it was revealed that the startup maintains a vast network of drivers who are trained to engage in natural and informative conversations, incorporating brand messages seamlessly. This framework ensures that the brand messages are conveyed to a diverse range of passengers, maximizing the potential reach and impact of the communication campaigns.

Integration of Digital Tools:

TalkImpact strategically integrates digital tools within its operational framework to facilitate the amplification and management of the conversation-based marketing approach. One notable tool utilized is QR codes. These codes are placed strategically within the taxis, allowing passengers to easily access additional information about the advertised offers by scanning the codes with their smartphones. The integration of QR codes enables TalkImpact to track and measure the effectiveness of message dissemination, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and customer engagement.

Customer Response and Impact Evaluation:

Analysis of customer feedback and response data found that Amplified Conversation Marketing generates positive customer experiences and engagement; over 87% were satisfied with Talkimpact's service quality.

Passengers appreciate the personalized and contextualized nature of conversations initiated by drivers, as well as the ease of access to additional information through QR codes. The integration of digital tools not only amplifies the reach of messages, but also enables data to be collected and analyzed, allowing TalkImpact to assess the impact of its communication campaigns. This data-driven approach provides valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, customer preferences and areas for improvement.

Driver Incentives and Engagement:

TalkImpact's remuneration system serves as a key driver engagement mechanism. The startup rewards drivers based on their active participation and the extent to which they disseminate brand messages during conversations with passengers. This incentivization structure motivates drivers to actively engage in conversation marketing, ensuring a consistent and widespread transmission of brand messages. Interviews with drivers revealed a positive reception of the incentivization system, as it provides them with an additional income stream while performing their regular taxi duties.

Rapid Reach and Impact:

The Amplified Conversation Marketing approach employed by TalkImpact demonstrated its ability to rapidly reach a wide audience with strong impact. The integration of conversation-based marketing within the taxi and ride-hail environment allows for real-time, tangible interactions between drivers and passengers. Passengers, influenced by the trusted recommendations of their drivers, are more likely to engage with the brand messages and take action, resulting in heightened brand awareness, customer acquisition, and potential sales conversions.

Overall, the results of the research indicate that TalkImpact's implementation of Amplified Conversation Marketing effectively combines the power of genuine human conversation with digital tools to enhance brand communication. The operational framework, integration of digital tools, positive customer response, driver engagement, and rapid reach collectively contribute to the success and impact of TalkImpact's communication campaigns. These findings highlight the potential of Amplified Conversation Marketing as a transformative approach in the realm of marketing, offering opportunities for businesses to engage customers in authentic and impactful ways.


Amplified conversation marketing represents a new approach that seamlessly integrates authentic conversations at a micro-level and digital tools at a macro-level.

TalkImpact's operational framework revolves around engaging taxi drivers as brand ambassadors, enabling them to engage in conversations with passengers and deliver brand messages.

Benefits of Amplified Conversation Marketing:

Authenticity and trust:

Amplified Conversation Marketing harnesses the power of authentic human conversations, fostering trust and building authentic relationships with consumers.

Broad reach and rapid impact:

By using a network of engines, amplified conversation marketing enables brands to reach a large audience quickly, maximising the impact of their messages.

Personalization and contextual relevance:

Conversations between drivers and passengers provide an opportunity to personalize brand communication and make it contextually relevant, thereby increasing customer engagement.

Amplification and tracking:

Digital tools such as QR codes make it easier to amplify messages, enabling brands to track and analyse the effectiveness and reach of their communications.

This allows brands to track and analyse the effectiveness and reach of their communications campaigns.

Transaction process and driver incentives:

TalkImpact's transaction process involves clients engaging their services, defining campaign objectives and remunerating TalkImpact accordingly.

TalkImpact uses its app to, spread the brand message to their taxi fleet, and drivers engage in conversations with passengers, encouraging them to scan the QR code to discover the advertised offers.

The impact of the campaign is assessed by tracking QR codes and collecting data. Drivers are paid by TalkImpact according to the extent to which the message is disseminated, which encourages them to participate actively Figure 1.

Figure 1: Steps In The Amplified Conversation Marketing Process.

Chatbots have also been introduced, making conversational marketing much more fluid. Chatbots are an increasingly common tool in conversational marketing, and are particularly popular with customers. According to the latest statistics from eDigitalResearch, 73% of customers prefer to communicate with a company via an automated chatbot, mainly because of the greatly reduced response time.

But nothing beats human contact. A bot is still not enough for an impatient customer. They are rarely capable of providing that famous touch of interactivity that a real consumer who has mastered to perfection all the actions of prospects/customers is conducive to engaging in a conversation.

Amplified Conversational Marketing is irreplaceable, for the customer of course, but also for the company:

Improved engagement rates:

Conversational marketing strengthens the commitment and loyalty of target audiences. By personalizing the exchange, customers create a special bond with the company. That's why it's a good idea to use a real person for conversations, to get consumers even more involved.

Increased sales:

Conversational marketing has the advantage of increasing sales. These conversations allow you to support customers throughout their purchasing journey. If they have a question or a problem, they can get help and support, which reduces the risk of losing them along the way.


Amplified Conversation Marketing, exemplified by the innovative practices of TalkImpact, represents a transformative approach that combines the power of genuine human conversation with digital tools for brand communication. This article demonstrates the operational framework of TalkImpact, showcasing the integration of verbal exchanges and digital amplification techniques. The Amplified Conversation Marketing concept offers benefits such as authenticity, wide reach, personalization, and amplification, making it a valuable approach for brands seeking impactful and engaging communication strategies. Future research could focus on measuring the long-term effects and effectiveness of Amplified Conversation Marketing campaigns and exploring the scalability of this approach in diverse industry contexts.

Received: 28-Jul-2023, Manuscript No. IJE-23-13928; Editor assigned: 01-Aug-2023, Pre QC No. IJE-23-13928(PQ); Reviewed: 15-Aug-2023, QC No. IJE-23-13928; Revised: 21-Aug-2023, Manuscript No. IJE-23-13928(R); Published: 28-Aug-2023

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