Business Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1944-656X; Online ISSN: 1944-6578)

Editorials: 2021 Vol: 13 Issue: 2

Editor Note Business Studies

Endri Endri, Mercu Buana University


The Journal of Business Studies (BSJ) is a journal that publishes both theoretical and empirical research results in the field of corporate business from around the world. Business studies is a broad subject in the social sciences that allows in-depth study of a wide range of specialties such as accounting, finance, organizations, operations, human resource management, marketing, and strategic. Therefore, the manuscripts published in BSJ cover broad topic categories in the business field but are not limited to, customer relationship management, business condition analysis, critical thinking holistic management approach in technology management, international industrial development strategies, business management models, performance appraisal. business, telecommunications in business, multinational business finance, capital budgeting, human resource management, business feasibility studies, and business data management, strategic management, and others. Manuscripts submitted for publication must go through a thorough double-blind peer-review process with review stages carried out systematically and authors can monitor each stage of the process against manuscripts sent to BSJ. Therefore, the selection process for manuscript acceptance takes place regularly and papers published in BSJ are expected to have a wide and high citation impact. Besides that, we BSJ managers always try to provide quick information to writers regarding the publication process at BSJ, so that writers don't wait too long to get confirmation whether their articles are accepted or rejected. The BSJ Journal aims to broaden horizons incorporate business disciplines through the dissemination of innovation and the sharing of ever-expanding knowledge to advance readers' understanding of a holistic management approach. We open the widest possible opportunity for various parties to submit their best manuscripts, especially academics, researchers, business professionals, policymakers, business program students, and practitioners of marketing, finance, economics, business law, and human resource development by publishing exclusive cases studies. , research articles, reviews, analyzes, comments, and opinion articles following applied and qualitative research techniques in business problems. BSJ is the right choice for publication because we always maintain the best quality for every published paper. The manuscript review process involves reviewers from various countries with qualifications following the topic of the article and following the BSJ field of study. Each comment from the reviewer will be submitted to the author as a reference for improving the manuscript and the final decision is adjusted between the comments and the revisions made. BSJ Indexization and Abstraction will continue to be improved at a better level so that it has a high impact factor and is recognized by various indexing agencies with international reputations. We, the editorial board, are always committed to making BSJ the best quality publication media and providing added value for various parties who wish to publish their manuscripts in BSJ. We are also committed to maintaining journal management ethics following generally accepted norms and standards. We make all suggestions and comments submitted to BSJ as material for consideration to continue to improve journal management in the future. Our BSJ editorial board is ready to wait for the manuscript. Greetings healthy and thank you for all.

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