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Short communication: 2021 Vol: 27 Issue: 5

Equality and Discrimination in the Workplace

Oyvin P, University of Applied Sciences

To protect our equality of chance, a number of those characteristics like race, sex, age, and faith and incapacity area unit protected by law against unfair discrimination within the work. Equality doesn’t mean treating everyone a similar. If your staff have totally different wants, they may want totally different support too, like work changes. Equality management, therefore, must be each honest and versatile. It conjointly must be wakeful. The quote on top of is in jest, however it shows even progressive thinkers will discriminate to stop selfcomplacency and not sleep up to now with the law, time unit should attempt to endlessly improve on work equality.

Preventing work discrimination

In apply, you'll produce a diversity strategy to guide work behaviour. Your strategy ought to be often reviewed and bolstered with support from senior management. It would address the subsequent characteristics, among others (Ford et al., 2001).

Sex, orientation and gender assignment

Sex discrimination includes equal pay legislation, which needs pay equality between men and ladies. Sex discrimination at work conjointly includes unfair treatment of a girl as a result of her physiological condition. People of all sexual orientations, further as people that have undergone or area unit undergoing gender assignment, are protected below the Equality Act 2010.


The Equality Act 2010 protects individuals of all ages from employment discrimination within the work. The law applies to all or any employers and covers not simply hiring however promotion, rewards, redundancy, coaching and company pensions. Your organisation will take positive action to deal with under-representation of specific age teams among your work force Davison and Burke (2000).


In the Equality Act 2010, the term ‘disability’ suggests that a considerable, long-term, physical or mental impairment. It includes cancer and different serious sicknesses. As a leader, you’re needed to create affordable changes to accommodate disabled workers’ wants. It’s conjointly misappropriated to issue pre-employment medical questionnaires.

Race and faith

Workplace discrimination laws on race and faith area unit broad. Race includes color, ethnic origin and status. Faith includes acknowledged religions further as philosophical and nonspiritual beliefs, together with lack of belief Elsbach et al. (2010). Your strategy may cowl enlisting, appraisal, dress codes and dealing practices, ensuring they don’t discriminate in terms of race, faith or belief. How work equality makes business sense Promoting equality among your organisation isn’t concerning supporting workers’ rights to honest treatment. There’s conjointly a powerful business case for creating positive your organisation offers civil rights for all.

1. Making individuals feel valued: analysis shows individuals get pleasure from operating for organisations with sensible employment practices. You’ll attract and retain higher talent, further as rising work force productivity.

2. Increasing competitiveness: various work forces are also a lot of in reality with the wants of diverse community teams. Therefore you'll be higher placed to search out and exploit new market opportunities.

3. Enhancing company reputation: Equality and variety area unit seen as an indicator of fine company social responsibility (CSR).


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