Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)

Short communication: 2021 Vol: 27 Issue: 4

Knowledge Transfer and Acquisition - Overview

Elizabeth M, Barry University

The main purpose of this study is to appear at what factors that facilitates information transfer with success within the event of a merger or acquisition. Analysis questions-The question I’d prefer to get a solution to during this thesis is to search out “what facilitates information transfer within the event of a merger or acquisition”. The main target of the thesis is to appear at post-merger integration processes in high-technology acquisitions and target new development. Advanced corporations square measure victimization mergers and acquisitions as a method for gaining access to innovative technology and processes. To do this, the businesses got to facilitate for transfer and implicit knowledge to achieve the competitive edge they have during this business. Those factors are Cisco victimization to facilitate for information transfer. To be able to answer this I’ll use publicly obtainable information and compare Cisco’s acquisition strategy with target information transfer and new development. The acquisition ways and information transfer would be showed through samples of nonheritable corporations at Cisco. The analysis model could be a model supported literature on information transfer in mergers and acquisitions.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer happens once expertise in one unit of a company affects another unit. The unit is tormented by the expertise of another unit. This might even be identical if there have been to organizations, like in venture and strategic alliance. In line with “the ability to transfer information from one unit to a different has been found to contribute to the structure performance of corporations. It would be troublesome for a company to urge the information transfer to be effective. One typically doesn't get to question if organizations square measure able to transfer information they need, however a matter to be asked may be if the information transfer is effective or not Pablo and Javidan (2004).

For information transfer to happen, folks must be compelled to be willing to share that information. This disposition is full of completely different factors; economic reasoning, emotional factors. “The effectiveness of data transfer is probably going to be influenced by 2 moderators–structure distance and cultural distance” (See “challenges and barriers”) per information transfer in Szulanski’s read is “a method of II exchange of data between the supply and recipient units consisting of 4 stages: initiation, implementation, ramp-up and integration.” Figure two is during a method an easier version of figure three. Figure three explains however the exchange of data works between the sender and therefore the receiver (Bresman et al., 2010).

Knowledge Management

When checking out the way to manage information transfer in procurement, information management may offer a basis with tools that may facilitate in creating it effective. per information management is as follows: “Knowledge management includes all strategies, instruments and tools that contribute to the promotion of an integrated core information method with the subsequent four core activities as a minimum, to get information, to store information, to distribute information and to use information all told areas and levels of the organization so as to boost structure performance by focusing within the worth making business processes.”

Knowledge management provides a sort of tool case with many generic strategies, instruments and tools to enhance the handling of data in daily routine. One will use information management to transfer information in economical and efficient method. A high development management infrastructure absolutely affects the perceived good thing about knowledge transfer. This can be a part of the results from studies done on information transfer between MNC units. Information management is vital for information transfer as a result of through managing information it'd build it applicable to transfer. The tool case of data management may be important within the transferring method and will build it effective and economical Ranft and Lord (2000).


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