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The Effective Handling Managerial Issues and Success Journey of Qarshi- The Case Study

Adnan Danial, Superior University

Citation Information: Danial, A. (2023). The Effective Handling Managerial Issues and Success Journey of Qarshi: The Case Study. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 29(S2), 1-5.


This case focuses on Qarshi, a company of medicine, which has set up an extremely quick response system for its all medicinal products. All exiting managerial issues as well as success of the journey have been well focused with dominant apparent approaches. It is inevitable to observe all exiting issues through which new and unique plans can be effectively promulgated and in this sense of understating, all ideal focuses are to developed best understating with the managerial issues of the said company.


Qarshi, Case Focuses, Medicinal, Journey, Managerial, Issues.


Herbalism is based the relationship between plants and human” (Wendell Berry). One of Pakistan's biggest producers of natural products1 is Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. Hakim, Shifa-ul-Mulk 75 years ago; Muhammad Hassan Qarshi opened Matab Qarshi (clinic) upon Allama Muhammad Iqbal's request. His eldest son, Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Qarshi, founded Qarshi Dawakhana in 1968, and Qarshi takes pleasure in upholding a high standard in its products, exceptional abilities, and acquisition of the most cutting-edge technologies. It is aware of the need to raise productivity and establish new benchmarks for excellence in the cutthroat phyto pharmaceutical business. More than 200 natural health food items are available from Qarshi Industries Pvt Ltd, which uses only pure herbs and plants. These products are important in Pakistan as all Pakistani natural products belong to medicinal plants (Shinwari, 2010). The strictest quality and purity standards are upheld during production. These consist of medications, tonics, syrups, and health food supplements Figure 1.

Figure 1 Qarshi Industries Pharmaceuticals

Qarshi has established itself as a strong player in its market segments2 thanks to iconic brands like Qarshi Jam e Shirin and Qarshi Johar Joshanda. Thousands of orders, payments, and delivery have to be tracked, recorded, and monitored by Qarshi every day at the national level. The Executive Management team3 at Qarshi believed that a thorough evaluation was required due to market opportunities and difficulties as well as their own constantly changing business requirements. Microbial herbal products are important to be scrutinized as well (Tahir & Aftab, 2011). It would be necessary for this enhanced understanding of their business, thus Qarshi chose to buy a thorough distribution management system. Following are the famous products that Qarshi produces:

1. Qarshi Jam-I- Shirin

2. Qarshi Johar Joshanda

3. Safoof Jaryan

4. Qarshi Choarqa

5. Qarshi Gestofil

Monitoring the retailer's off take was one of the key demands made by Qarshi's top management. The manual technique made it impossible as well as the retailer's previous sales order, TMX-SD offers precise reporting of tertiary sales Qarshi, 20194. After carrying out operations using TMX-SD, the idea of tertiary sales monitoring has thus been applied in Qarshi. This function includes monitoring retailer stock, scoring, managing post-survey chores, gathering competition information, and calculating market shares. It also covers the whole sales audit process Figure 2.

Figure 2 Services for Women by Qarshi

Key Issues

Mr. Adnan was concerned about how basic managerial challenges arose throughout the outbreak, as well as what remedies were available. It is critical to remain focused on your role as Qarshi's operations manager. In this light of understanding, the current issue can be handled if appropriate preventive steps are implemented. It is also worth noting that the major issue to be addressed at Qarshi operations is sustainability.

Managerial Issues at Qarshi Industries

Sales and marketing executives are scrambling to adapt to a shifting media landscape (Perez-Latre, 2007). Prospects are on new platforms, and these sites and networks provide client data on a massive scale. Even experienced managers struggle to keep up with marketing automation, customer segmentation, and sales acceleration technologies and processes (Salmi, 2020). Falling behind means passing up possibilities to reach new consumers and upsell or cross-sell current customers and Business to Business (B2B) sellers must understand what works, where to focus their resources, and what changes are on the horizon. Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Perspectives provides an in-depth examination of the state of sales and marketing. Qarshi's headquarters are in Gulberg, which is a prestigious location in Lahore and is also known as the city's core business sector.

In Pakistan, Qarshi Industries is a highly regarded company in its field. Over 200 natural health food products manufactured from pure herbs and plants are available from Qarshi Industries. They are manufactured to the highest quality and purity standards. These include nutritional supplements, medications, tonics, and syrups. In Pakistan, Qarshi Industries is a highly regarded company in its field Figure 3.

Figure 3 Liquid Products of Qarshi

Managerial Issues

There were multiple severe difficulties, such as field agents making mistakes when manually documenting orders, deliveries, and payments. When field agents returned to branch offices after a day of taking orders in the field, they had to wait in processing lineups for hours. There was no method for tracking tertiary sales, or consumption from retailers to end users. Analyzing the sales objective achievement rate of field agents was a time-consuming and tough task.

Success Pillars

Mr. Adnan thinks that the quality and service are founded on our principals, personnel, and suppliers. Each is responsible for Qarshi's reputation as a quality manufacturer and marketer and hence each deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. The Qarshi seeks long-term and transparent relationships with its business partners, and all transactions are conducted with integrity and trust. The Qarshi chooses technology that offers actual value to its products and services while also being environmentally friendly. To sell their goods and services, Qarshi industries employ a number of promotional strategies. Promotion is used to educate and persuade potential customers about the advantages of the offering. Household data has more information than shop data; therefore data analysis of sales promotions is more useful. The main advantage of home is that it accurately portrays customer behaviour. It allows sales promotions to observe consumer reactions, choices, and behaviour Figure 4.

Figure 4 Products of Qarshi

Supply Chain and HRM

Many academics are accustomed to believing that price promotions result in short-term improvements in sales. We have developed one fundamental study question: how and under what conditions can sales promotions influence household purchasing behaviour? We studied the impact of sales promotions on purchasing behaviour at the individual household level. Qarshi has numerous national and international certifications and accreditations, ensuring the highest quality products. Qarshi Research International (QRI) was recently authorised with ISO 17043 Proficiency Testing Certification (PTC) and can now test other labs for the first time in Pakistan. The Qarshi Foundation Trust works in the fields of education and health care. The objective in education is to generate change agents based on Islamic ideals, which is being pursued through Qarshi Muridke Complex and Qarshi University programmes. These programmes are crucial because the emphasis is on establishing mind-sets from the ground up, which are then nurtured at the higher level by Qarshi University. Qarshi Knowledge City is a major endeavour in the planning stages for the future.

Beam detectors and water sprinklers are among the facility's security elements. This report covers Qarshi's supply chain activity. It is Pakistan's third-largest pharmaceutical corporation. Continuous improvement in quality, procedures, and operations, as well as supply chain activities, is the driving force behind their success. Qarshi always buys raw materials from the world's leading vendors to assure product quality. Pricing and product quality are compared amongst suppliers. The firm is both global and local. Almost all of the raw materials used in the final product are imported. International Employee Appreciation Day celebrates the efforts of employees Figure 5.

Figure 5 Medicine Services by Qarshi

Qarshi believes in recognizing employees all year because they are the cornerstone to the company's incredible success. Qarshi rolled out the red carpet for the employees, who are truly champions and stars, on this historic day. Qarshi also gave the employees goodies as a thank you. Human resource management thinks that good people produce good results, which is why it measures employee success via socioeconomic growth. Human resource implementation, strategic planning and design, marketing and sales, plant operations including quality assurance and quality control), regulatory affairs and supply chain management are also included. The principals, personnel, and suppliers serve as the framework for providing their own educational courses, as well as the cornerstone for quality and service. Because a company's reputation is based on its capacity to develop and market high-quality products, each employee deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Qarshi's purpose is to establish long-term and honest relationships with its business associates and clients, so all transactions are carried out with integrity and confidence. Concentrate on the most secure technologies. Qarshi is committed to sharing its accomplishments with the greater community.

Pricing Strategies

Price is the amount of money that a consumer must pay for a product or service. Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. bases their pricing tactics on competition because the firm image has been established among customers. Every business exists to make a profit. There is no such thing as a firm that does not make money. Sales-Oriented Objective: “A price decrease to buyers” is defined as a discount. Qarshi Industries, like Sharbat, Faulad, has offered discounts to improve sales volume. It is inexpensive, and the bottle includes some extra mile-litter syrup. Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides wholesalers with a variety of discounts. They provide a 2% annual discount on orders of four lacks or more. And provide a 1% discount for orders of two or more needs. Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. also offers various retail discounts. They provide a 5% discount on orders of Rs. 1200, a 7% discount on orders of Rs 3500, and a 10% discount on orders of Rs. 7000. There is no sale on credit, only a cash sale Figure 6.

Figure 6 Patient’s Record

End Notes

1.All products are natural and health based.

2.Market segmentation is the process of separating a large consumer or company market into smaller consumer groups based on some kind of shared characteristic. Typically, this process involves existing and future customers.

3.Team gives the business with strategic and operational leadership. They establish objectives, create plans of action, and make sure the plans are carried out successfully.

4.Case-study-TMX_Qarshi, 2019.


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