Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (Print ISSN: 1078-4950; Online ISSN: 1532-5822)

Short communication: 2021 Vol: 27 Issue: 4S

The Relationship between Democracy and Human Rights

Bieber Joe, Andrews University

Citation Information: Joe, B. (2021). The relationship between democracy and human rights. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 27(S4), 1-2

Recognizing associate degree mutualist link: Participants united that the link between democracy and human rights is mutualist, intricate, reciprocally validatory and dependent with some participants proposing that the foremost applicable term to use is ‘mutually constitutive’. Democracy cannot be outlined while not human rights. Human rights will be protected effectively solely during a democratic state Smith (2006). A purposeful democracy that accommodates diversity, promotes equality and protects individual freedoms is progressively changing into the most effective bet against the concentration of power within the hands of a number of and also the abuse of human rights that inevitably results from it. In turn, the best protection of human rights emanates from a property democratic framework grounded within the rule of law. Responding to the demand democratic governance and rights: The exciting require modification in Africa and also the Mideast was viewed as a mix of a require property and comprehensive democratic governance with a require rights Naples-Mitchell (2011).

Democratic reforms and also the restoration of human rights protections are seen as elements of an equivalent vision of modification. Each democracy and human rights are advancing globally: there are a lot of democratic and free elections happening throughout the globe, and human rights are ascertained quite ever before. There has conjointly been advancement in mechanisms of protection and promotion of human rights.

The Arab Spring has re-energized the democracy support community, motivating folks to act and confirming to the international community that it's on the correct track in its efforts to grade this issue. Deepening the understanding of rights primarily approach to democracy: The participants struggled with the construct of a rights primarily based approach to democracy Sobel (1994). Whereas the rights primarily based approach to development directly modified the standard of development help, a rights based approach to democracy, though equally valid, has established tougher.

Democracy may be a difficult and time intense system. Even so, its description because the ‘least worst’ variety of government is simply another version of the phrase ‘best however difficult and uneasy’. Whereas building democracy, it's essential to recollect that ‘functionality’, ‘effectiveness’ and ‘efficiency’ should be among its constituent options. Supporting property rights primarily based democracy building: the difficulty of property was conjointly debated, with participants noting that human rights primarily based democracy will take an extended time to make up. Neither is it a linear, accumulative method and it will collapse simply.

A creep de-democratization will take the shape of tiny changes although touching necessary components of political structures. A property rights primarily based democracy needs, among alternative things, that voters are knowledgeable their rights, that public political participation is inspired through elections and active involvement in regime, which institutional answerableness and transparency are ensured.


The relationship between democracy and human rights is knotty, dependent and reciprocally constituent. A rights primarily based approach to democracy grounded within the rule of law is taken into account progressively the foremost consistent safeguard against human rights abuses. The United Nations ought to each heed the demand democratic reform as they arise and be concerned in property human rights primarily based democracy building processes Tully (2002) .

The success of a democracy building endeavour are going to be directly tormented by the comprehensive and consultive nature of the constitution creating method, and human rights standards give an in depth foundation for these processes. The United Nations ought to attempt to confirm inclusion and active participation within the constitution creating method and may determine applicable and comfortable resources to support these processes within the long run.


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