Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


A Comprehensive Review of the multifaceted influence of Big Data Analytics Capability on Organizational Performance

Author(s): Waleed Akhtar M Sultan, Ahmed Alsenosy, Adam Amril Bin Jaharadak

The tourism sector is one of the key pillars in Saudi 2030 Vision. However, one the one side, the tourism sector experienced recession due to the COVID-19. On the other side, Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its economic and reduce the oil reliance, calling for improved performance in the tourism sector. BDA has the potential to improve the Tourism sector. However, BDA need several resources and capabilities. It is expected that the more the capabilities a company posse, the higher the benefits they can make from big data. Although numerous studies have observed the positive impact of BDACs on firm performance, the results vary and more investigations are required, especially within various cultures. The present research question is, how do BDACs impact firm performance, and what insights can be drawn from existing studies that benefit Saudi Arbia tourism companies? The aim of the current paper is to 1) review and synthesize studies that investigate the impact of BDACs on firm performance 2) identify the potential of BDACs in improving performance 3) identify key BDAC Components, 4) identify related gaps and future directions. The studies explored diverse capabilities, and a consensus emerges on the inadequacy of a singular indicator to comprehensively capture BDAC. Instead, there is an interplay of tangible, human, and intangible capabilities, collectively shaping an organization's BDAC. More importantly, the overall insight gained from the review strongly supports the positive impact of BDAC on various performance indicators. No research has been undertaken to examine the effects of BDAC on performance within the context of Saudi Arabia, especially the Tourism companies. In addition, it is worth noting that there is a limited body of research that has specifically examined the impact of data-driven culture (DDC) on organizational performance. Most of the studies are quantitative in nature, while a limited number of studies followed a mixed approach. The review emphasizes on a need for empirical research to demonstrate the potential of BDAC in enhancing the performance of tourism enterprises in Saudi Arabia

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