Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


A Conjoint Study On the Preferred Resort Facilities for Davao Region

Author(s): John M Bagcal

The purpose of this research is to provide owners and latent investors of resorts, with a bulletin of preferred resort facilities–as their market research tool. This supports the posit of Tumwebaze (2015) stating, that there is a prevalent 80% MSMEs mortality rate (MMR) everywhere. Albeit a handful of grounds for high MMR, the primary reason is the non-conduct of market research of most entrepreneurship, particularly micro and small enterprises. The facilities utilized in this study emerged from the TRACER variables of the travel and tourism industry as attributes of which levels are identified through focus group discussion–leading to the generation of the Attribute-Level Frame (ALF). Out of the ALF, 20 orthogonal profiles (OPs) including holdouts are generated from the 243 total combinations. These OPs exactly form-part the survey questionnaire rated by 500 local tourists from first-class municipalities, component and highly urbanized cities of Davao Region. Using additive conjoint analysis, importance values, utilities, and probabilities of the preferred resort facilities (PRFs) are uncovered, provincially and regionally. The most PRFs of the provinces and the region are: point-to-point aircon bus, minibus, and van transport; cottages and boarding houses; budget inns; full-service catering; live bands and concerts; zipline, hiking, and camping; and, swimming pools. Further, this research recommended the following: provision of PRFs as a bulletin to stakeholders; conduct of seminal studies on: the PRFs of other provinces or regions; the amenities as inclusion in the classification and rating tool for resorts other than facilities; and, ICT- support system

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