Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


A Multidimensional Framework for Innovation Typology the Case of Moroccan Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Samia El Hanchi,Lamia Kerzazi

Policy makers need a thorough understanding of innovation dynamics  within their local contexts  to  be  able  to  devise  the  proper  strategies  for  innovation  capability  building  among entrepreneurs. While there is a nascent entrepreneurial ecosystem inMorocco, there is a lack of startup’s innovation research. In this paper we intend to make both a conceptual and empirical contribution.From  a  theoretical  background,  innovation,  as  a  concept,  is  very  versatile.  With  a  rich and fragmented corpus of innovation definitionsclassifications and types, it becomes important to develop a clear and a comprehensive overview of innovation typologies and their underlying dimensions. In this paper, we suggest, through a literature review, a multidimensional approach for  the  analysis  of  innovation  typologies.  Three  clusters  of  dimensions  have  been  identified  for the classification of innovations: Innovation Intensity, Innovation Scope, and Innovation Depth. This framework addresses three families of questions: What is its degree of newness? What’s the nature of the innovation?  Where does it occur in the ecosystem?From  an  empirical  perspective,  this  construct  has  been  applied  to  a  panel  of  13 Moroccan  entrepreneurs  to  discuss  the  types  of  innovations  introduced  by  their  startups.  The strong interplay between disruptive and incremental innovation, the diversity of innovation scope with a dominance of product and business model innovation, the national emphasis with limited international impact are the main findings of this qualitative study.While  there  is  lack  of  research  on  innovation  at  the  enterprise  level  in  Morocco compared with research about ecosystem, this work lays down some foundations for the study of innovation at the enterprise level and constitutes the first step for further research to understand Moroccan  startup  innovation  capability.  Ultimately  this  new  stream  of  research  in  Moroccan startup innovation field will help entrepreneurs and policy makers in their innovation capability building efforts.

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