Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


A Study to Determine Impact of Technological Changes On Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Devendra Kumar Pandey, Manoj Pandey, Anand Kumar Shrivastava and Kiran Soni

More than the last decades, the trend of technology entrepreneurship has fascinated the researchers today because of its considerable effect on economic development. Today Technology is a boon for individuals and acts as the tool to shape their environment in various ways. Technology entrepreneurship is a medium that augments the progress of individuals, firms, regions, and nations. Technology has given individuals the tools to directly shape their environment in many ways. In this article the authors have studied the impact of technological changes on entrepreneurship. With the help of entrepreneurs, industry and the employees, the authors collected the required data, and then the data was analyzed by using the 5-point likert scale questionnaire. In order to know the impact of technological changes on Entrepreneurship in Rajasthan, data analysis techniques like Frequency Distribution, Descriptive Analysis and Pearson Correlation Techniques are used. Demographic profile of respondents was analyzed like their gender, age, educational qualification, marital status and monthly income. Thus, the authors found that there is a significant impact of technological change and innovation on entrepreneurship. The result thus signifies that technology performs three main roles: it provides innovation in the job to be done; it increases entrepreneurship power and finally yet importantly, it helps in achieving economic development.

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