Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Adaptation of the public administration system to global risks

Author(s): K?zakov, V., Kovalenko, N., Golub, V., Kozyrieva, N., Shchur, N., & Shoiko, V.

Since the beginning of 2008-2009, the paradigm of sustainability of public administration has been increasingly investigated in order to study competitive models, values, anti-crisis management in the sphere of politics. The purpose of the academic paper lies in conceptualizing approaches and concepts of adaptation of the public administration system to global risks. The results demonstrate the evolution of New Public Management through the active implementation of new interdisciplinary approaches. The principles of New Public Management are complemented by a paradigm of adaptation and flexibility in order to ensure the sustainability of the public administration system. The new concept of public administration is interdisciplinary in nature; it integrates approaches to management borrowed from the theory of organization, anti-crisis management, Joined-up Government and Network Governance, New Public Management, Digital Government and Administration. The existing conceptual model of adaptation of the public administration system to global risks provides the integration of Resilience and adaptation paradigm in public administration. However, the philosophy of public administration in different countries proves the existence of obstacles to adaptation opportunities due to poor interagency links at different levels of government, low responsibility and accountability. The results of the present research can be used as a paradigm in public crisis management in the context of global risks and challenges.

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