Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Advanced Models of Social Responsibility in the System of International Entrepreneurial Activity

Author(s): Viktoriia Taranenko,Yuliia Hrybovska,Yulia Samylina,Olena Tanchyk and Tokhir Turmanov

The article highlights the advanced models of corporative social responsibility in the system of international entrepreneurial activity through the perspective of their structure and peculiarities of use within the framework of world business. We have determined theoretical approaches regarding the hierarchy of the corporate social responsibility constituents of entrepreneurial structures, which, in contrast to existing ones, include the consideration of the subject, from the position of which the system of manifestation of socially responsible activity is viewed; the entrepreneurs and the and society, in general, are regarded as subjects. The components of corporate social responsibility in the area of world business was identified as a totality of ecological, social, labor, and economic responsibility, which ensures a complex approach to building and application of corporative principles in business and consider the interest of various related parties. We formed a subsystem on managing a responsible operation in the framework of international entrepreneurship, based on the application of a systematic approach to planning, development, application, and evaluation of the results of such an activity, which includes its integration in a generalized functioning system. We gave grounds for the complex of directions, the application of which makes it possible to increase the level of corporate social responsibility of the entrepreneur and provides the formation of the system of inverse relationship with the related parties through the use of targeted and universal information distribution tools. The developed mechanism of corporate social responsibility formation can be used in the in practice of managing socio-economic development in the area of international entrepreneurship at a global level for the purpose to improve the socially-determined approach in the development of the world society, evaluation, and positioning of the entrepreneurial structures, and doing a socially responsible international business.