Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Alpha and Omega of Female Entrepreneurs Sustainability through Venture Performance in Present Covid-19

Author(s): Hira Batool

This study was conducted to find out during COVID-19 which human and social resources Pakistani female entrepreneurs actually practiced or realized their importance for sustaining ventures in an uncertain situation. The researcher's objective was to blends the model of 5M into the research in order to find out which human and social resources usually connect with the sustainability factor of Pakistani businesses during any uncertain situation. The present study proposed level of education and age along with the improved managerial expertise as an important human factor for sustaining female entrepreneurs’ businesses. On the other hand, social setups, gender-related duties, and household provisions as important social factors that can play a vital role during any uncertain situation. The data was collected from 120 Pakistani female entrepreneurs who have a number of employees between 10-99 in order to truly represent the female businesses' reflection as per the guidelines of Small and medium enterprises of Pakistan. The data was collected through email due to the pandemic situation around. Data analysis has been performed by the method of structural equation modeling by using Jamovi software. The results of the data analysis depict that only human resources have been realized as important during COVID-19 for sustaining entrepreneurial venture performance and among human resources, the most important factor is the role of managerial performance. Future study needs to re-investigate the model in the other Asian domain in order to validate the model.

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