Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Analysis of the Competency On Agribusiness Activities in Developing and Developed Countries

Author(s): Sri Herliana,Qorri Aina,Acip Sutardi,Nur Lawiyah,Wardah Naili Ulfah

The agribusiness sector is an important sector in maintaining food stability in a country. Therefore, the agribusiness activities that are mostly carried out in rural areas are very important to be considered. The decline in productivity in this sector will not only cause food scarcity, but it will also cause losses and even bankruptcy for farmers. Therefore, important agribusiness competencies are required by Agribusiness actors, both those in developing and developed countries. This research was conducted with the approach of literature review data through the method of Narrative Literature Review or NLR. The aim is to analyze the findings of agribusiness competencies that affect agribusiness activities in developing and developed countries. The researcher divides the competency category based on its factors, into four categories, i.e. existing competency resources, supports competency, managerial competency, and innovation and adaptation technology competency. The findings and discussions show that agribusiness actors in developing countries are very strong in the category of existing competency resources, in contrast to agribusiness actors in developed countries, where they almost have the overall competency of agribusiness.

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