Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Availability of Smart Characteristics of Organization In University: A Survey of Sample of Employees Opinions At Tikrit University

Author(s): Yamur Abdullatif Hussein, Marwan Amer Nassif and Salam Hussein Jassim

This study aimed at identifying the availability of the characteristics of smart organizations in university education and represented (strategic vision, knowledge development, order and compatibility, work pressure, collective commitment). The study was conducted on the University of Tikrit as a model. The study sample consisted of (150) employees, who were chosen in a randomized and accessible way, and the researcher used the descriptive analytical method in analyzing the study data and answering her questions.

The study found that: The level of availability of the characteristics of the smart organization at Tikrit University was variable in its value, as characteristics (collective commitment and knowledge development) were available, while the researched university did not have characteristics (strategic vision, regularity and compatibility, and work pressure). The employees ’level of awareness of the characteristics of the smart organization through the strategic vision was at an average evaluation level from the point of view of the study sample individuals. The sample's evaluation of the level of smart organization practice at Tikrit University came with a level of intermediate practice.

The study recommended several recommendations, the most important of which are: organizing periodic seminars by the college administration in which all employees participate in order to familiarize them with the characteristics of the smart organization and how to exercise it and take care of what the results of the smart organization can bring to the workers. Involve the teachers and students in expressing their point of view towards the future vision in a way that enhances the content of the university's mission to guide it, and develop their experiences towards looking to the future with a strategic vision.

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