Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Barriers to Adopting the Super-Capacitor based Energy Storage System of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan.

Author(s): Amanullah Parhyar, Muhibullah, Imamuddin Khoso, Sheeba Memon, Kainat Kumari and Mansoor Waqas Askaree

The super-capacitor is becoming one of the potential tools for storing electrical energy for the upcoming models of Evs. As the population increasing the demand for non-renewable resources could not be enough, also the carbon based Vehicles producing harmful emission that is negatively impact our environment. Looking at these two major issues making super capacitor is a more favorable option for storing electricity of Evs. These devices have earned their significance in numerous applications, viz., to power hybrid electric/electric vehicles and other power and electronic systems which require electrical energy for their operation. The dominant quality of super-capacitors is that it is a product of eco-friendly and harm-free energy storage device that provide high energy power and long life as compared with other energy storage. But to adopt this technology in Pakistan is not an easy task, there are many barriers come into existence because majority of the Vehicles are fuel based. In this research we will deal with the major barriers that threaten the initiative toward adopting super-capacitor technology especially in vehicles. Strong customer base for Gasoline vehicles, Shortage of Electricity, lack of proper policy, lack of awareness, need of high cost infrastructure development, high price of super-capacitor Evs, limited range are major issues for Automobile industry to take steps for Super-capacitor technology.

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