International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Career Growth, Career Concern, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention in Universities of Jordan

Author(s): Shaima A.Kh. Barakat, Ahmad Bashawir Bin Haji Abdul Ghani & Mohammed R A Siam

The study examines the impact of career concern and career growth on turnover intention and organization commitment, besides the moderation impact of career concern. This particular study's research framework has career concern and career growth as independent variables that have a direct impact on turnover intention and indirect impact through an organizational commitment to turnover intention. Besides, career concern is a moderator to the relationship between organizational commitment and turnover intention. The population of the study is any academic employee who is working in public universities of Jordan. Based on different sources, the number of Universities is around 10. An estimation of the academic workforce working in those Universities is 2500 employees. The actual sample size is 288 employees. The distributed survey is 370, distributed by using face-to-face data collection methods in a convenient sample selection technique in 2019. Overall, results show that the Turnover Intention (TI) model has a satisfactory predictive power and a medium predictive relevance (power of 42.3%, and relevance of 31.7%). Organizational commitment (OC) illustrates a satisfactory predictive power and a medium predictive relevance (power of 36.4%., and relevance of 25.9%). For the predictors of turnover intention, the two antecedent variables have significant relationships, and the ascending rank of the variables based on the path coefficient value is career growth (0.424) and career concern (0.198). Career concern has no significant impact on organizational commitment, but it has a significant relationship to the organizational commitment with a path coefficient of 0.377. Organizational commitment has a partly mediation impact on the relationship from the career growth but has no mediation impact for the relationship from career concern. Career concerns have no moderating effect on the proposed relationship.

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