Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Conceptual and innovative approaches of higher education institutions (HEIS) to the model of training a successful specialist formation during a covid pandemic

Author(s): Bondar, I., Humenchuk, A., Horban, Y., Honchar, L., & Koshelieva, O.

In the conditions of dynamic changes of social and economic systems and economic recession, the problems of formation of model of preparation of the successful expert are actualized. The COVID pandemic is another example of the shock impact on the market environment, which necessitates a change in the conceptual and innovative approaches of higher education institutions to the training of professionals. The purpose of the article was to supplement the neoliberal concept and approach of higher education institutions to the formation of a model for training a successful specialist in a COVID pandemic. The research methodology is based on a neoliberal approach to the management of higher education institutions in order to complement the theoretical and practical concepts of increasing the competitiveness of universities through risk management, which provides stability, flexibility and adaptability. A mixed research method was used to collect data: in 65 higher education institutions in Ukraine, Poland and Belarus online surveys has collected information on disaster management and / or business continuity planning in crisis conditions. The results prove the effectiveness of plans and strategies to overcome, counter and mitigate the risks associated with emergencies, in particular the spread of the pandemic on a global scale. The main advantages of the developed plans are forecasting of cooperation, resources and centers of responsibility that as a whole provides stability in the conditions of crisis. The determination of the management staff of higher education institutions determines the level of sustainability and efficiency of emergency planning. Involvement of all stakeholders during the pandemic, Establishing feedback has a positive effect on the effectiveness of decisionmaking and mitigation of the effects of the pandemic.

The theoretical value of the article is to study the neoliberal concept of free economic management in a new context through the spread of the pandemic and complement the neoliberal approach with a risk-oriented approach to management.

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