Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Covid-19 Impact on Indian Food and Hospitality Sector with Specific Reference to Potato Crop

Author(s): Masih, J., Sharma, M. & Rajasekaran, R.

Disruption through the current epidemic is appropriate for all sectors of the economy. In any case, the collision of the coronavirus epidemic on the agribusiness, Indian food, and housing industry experienced to a large extent. In addition, it is acknowledged that changes in the presence and price flooding of basic staple vegetables such as potatoes can have many serious consequences for the friendliness sector, including the café and online food conference stages. Recalling the immaturity of these issues, in the current examination we chose to keep potato as a busy item as it is considered the most staple vegetable worldwide. The day-to-day information of potato performance and cost was first measured in the date between January 2018 and sixteenth April 2020, utilizing information on the market from Agmark (the government's alleged webpage for vegetable costs and appearances). it was done. During the next one and a half years during the epidemic, Price was trying to determine the form and pattern of conduct. The time orderiARIMA model was adjusted for this reason. Azadpur mandi is being called the biggest market of Asia. Scheduling range has recommended pressure in the potato production network to change the two costs and appearances in the coming half year. This investigation shows that the cost of potato will increase by 58.7% by October 2020 and the contrast between October 2019 and appearance will be 3.11% less than a year ago.

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