Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Decision making model of introducing energy saving technologies based on the analytic hierarchy process

Author(s): Tetiana Hilorme, Kostyantyn Tkach, Oleksandr Dorenskyi, Olga Katerna, Akmal Durmanov

A hierarchical tree of the levels of choosing the optimal information and communication means for promoting energy-saving technologies based on the hierarchy analysis method was built, including 4 levels of criteria: type of consumer; economic indicators of consumer opportunities; means of promotion available for perception; tools that have a direct impact on the consumer. This hierarchical system allows the selection of the optimal communication means of promoting energy-saving technologies. The communication system for promoting energy-saving measures was formalized as a set of real and potential threats to the choice of management decisions to ensure an adequate level of support for energy saving measures.

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