International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Determinants of Purchase Intention towards Social Enterprise Personal Care Brands: A Pls-Sem Approach

Author(s): Patrick Adriel H. Aure, Christian James B. Lopez, Alyanna Marie C. Santana, Lorraine Nicole S. Tan, Shaniel Ginn R. Villaflor, Rayan P. Dui, Miguel Paolo L. Paredes

This research is interested in understanding, based on a modified conceptual model derived from the theory of planned behavior, what drives purchase intention of personal care products from social enterprises based on the perspective of working millennials. This study employed a correlational research design based on an electronic survey answered by 115 respondents. Partial least squares structural equation modelling was used as the statistical tool to analyze patterns and relationships between latent variables. Brand credibility, communalbrand connection, and self-efficacy are positively related to purchase intention. Previous purchase indirectly influenced intention through the three antecedents. This research is limited to cross-sectional data of working millennials in the philippines and focused the scope on understanding purchase intention. This paper is novel because of the constructs used to operationalize the generic antecedents of theory of planned behavior. Instead of general questions on attitude, norms, and perceived control, the authors adopted marketing-specific constructs that provide more insight for social enterprise marketers and scholars.

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