Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Developing Resources-Based Food Product to New Normal Creative Tourism: Halabala Community, Thailand

Author(s): Sukrita Raksudjarit, Nantharat Namburi, Thanakul Kootiphakdee, Jenta Kaewfai, Warawut Waranantakul, Sirichai Namburi, Ekkarat Suwannarat

 Tourism behaviors in the coronavirus pandemic era and after such crises called new normal or next normal reveals that the tourists emphasize the safety from such pandemic situation. Moreover, unseen destinations where are without crowded people turn to be interested (Khungthai, 2021). Therefore, focusing on a new normal creative tourism development that expresses the identity of tourist destinations not full of people is regarded as a challenge. The researchers' team has attention to developing food identity considered a promotion part of creative tourism activity. It will be worthiness and able to respond to tourists' needs, and it will be recognized by word of mouth and revisit from the tourists. The research was carried out using qualitative research type by Participatory Action Research (PAR). The key informants' group derived from purposive selection through the agents of public and private sectors, community leaders, and community representatives, a total of 60 persons, in two districts of Yala province, the southern border of Thailand. The instrument used included Focus Group and Interview, a total of 10 persons, using Frequency, Percentage, and Content Analysis. The research result found that the key informants' group agreed to propose the advantages of resources showing the specific identity in the area to create food menus focusing on easy-found ingredients and materials from each locality available in the area. Besides, the cooking would not be difficult and emphasize the identity leading to generate various activities within the creative tourism routes to support the tourists after the new normal, which causes the incomes distribution to the community that affects the economy results at a provincial and country-level more efficiently.

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