Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Diagnostics of Innovative Activity of Small Entrepreneurship Structures in The LVIV Region

Author(s): Khrystyna P. Danylkiv, Lev G. Kloba, M�rio Nuno Mata, Jos� Moleiro Martins, Anabela Batista Correia, Rui Miguel Dantas, Iryna Zelenitsa, Maryana Havran

 The article examines the peculiarity, role and importance of small business in a market economy. The basic approaches to understanding the content of innovation activity of small business structures are presented. The opinions of different authors on the definitions of "innovation activity" and "innovation-active enterprise" are summarized.

The scientific approach to the research of innovative activity of small business structures at the level of individual region due to the ABC-XYZ-analysis and matrix modeling. Based on the use of this method, calculations were made, which made it possible to draw conclusions on the management of innovative activity at small enterprises in the Lviv region.
The integrated matrix of ABC and XYZ analysis of innovatively active small enterprises of Lviv region was built. Analyzing the results of the matrix, the leaders of innovative activity and the most effective leaders of small innovative enterprises in the region are identified.
It is revealed that out of twenty-eight innovatively active small enterprises of the Lviv region only the Public JSC "Galichfarm", "San Garden" Subsidiaries, Agrotorg Trade and Manufacturing Company, LLC and Agropobutiailice Limited but low reliability. In particular, Additional Liability Company "Spring-West", "Domain-Printing" LLC and others are characterized by average sales volume of innovative products. It is determined that the following enterprises: "Safe Glass Factors" LLC, "Kormotech" LLC, "Snezhka-Ukraine" LLC and others have low sales of innovative products, low degree of reliability of predictions due to stochastic activity.
Theoretical provisions and conclusions can be used to substantiate and implement decisions on state support for the development of small innovative business in the conditions of modernization of the Ukrainian economy, as well as contribute to the further scientific development of this topic. Positive experience gained by the region can be a potential example in the implementation of innovation policy in other regions of Ukraine in order to balance the level of their socio-economic development.
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